Wednesday 23rd December 2020 – Rain Update

Morning. So rain is developing and spreading north at the moment, it is showery – some of it is heavy.

By mid-afternoon, the heaviest and most persistent rain should have cleared to our north temporarily – still some uncertainty but I’m expecting it to stall roughly 20-50 miles north of our location – and where it stalls the rain likely becoming very heavy, for those locations they could easily get 40-50mm of rain.

For us, the most likely outcome is a total of around 10-20mm of rain, a fair amount but shouldn’t be problematic, assuming the rain band does clear north in mid-afternoon as I describe and expect.

It then sinks bath south in the evening and overnight, bringing further rain, before fading.

Full forecast will be tomorrow morning, but briefly:

Christmas Eve cold but sunny at times, especially in the morning. Small chance of a wintry shower. 4’C. Frost overnight.

Christmas Day, cold with sunny spells, 4’C. Cloudy overnight – no frost.

Boxing Day cloudy, windy, a tad milder (ish) with occasional bits of rain. Heavy rain spreading down from the north with gales overnight.

Sunday, early heavy rain and strong winds clearing to colder weather with showers – probably not wintry at this point. Possibility that as the morning rain clears (unknown time – could be anywhere between 3am and midday really) that there will be a squall line, with a brief spell of torrential rain, thunder, hail and very strong gusts of wind, possibly mixed in.

Monday onwards, cold with snow chances. Cold spell pretty much nailed on for 7-10 days, perhaps longer. A good chance of snow falling at some point during this period – but very uncertain at this stage – could easily fall as rain in our location, or a mix or rain and snow. But likewise, we could see a decent dumping of snow at some point. Way too early for anything other than “potential”.

I am certainly forecasting some very difficult weather forecasting.

I’ll be back with a full forecast tomorrow morning…didn’t intend on writing this much but lots going on at the moment!

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