Sunday 3rd May 2020

Today starts with a bit of patchy rain around. This afternoon will be dry, or mostly so anyway, some hazy sunshine at times and around 15’C.

Not too bad a week ahead. Small chance of a heavy shower Monday/Tuesday, a bit of sunshine.

More sunshine from Wednesday onwards and temperatures will gradually increase – we should be around 20’C by Bank Holiday Friday (yeah, Friday) – though the chance of a heavy shower picks up once more.

Next weekend still uncertain. Slight favourite for Saturday is something warm, sunny, chance of a heavy shower – but could easily be wet instead.

Full update tomorrow evening as usual. I should be in Tokyo tomorrow but I cannot even get to Twyford. The joys of a pandemic!

2 thoughts on “Sunday 3rd May 2020

  1. I have loved receiving these through the week. And, you’ve not been wrong. Thanks for doing this!

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