Winter Forecast Photograph Request

Yes it is not only that time of the year where your inbox gets overrun by e-mails from the marketing departments of companies that you have totally forgotten about, but also it is the time of the year where I write my seasonal weather forecast for winter.

And an interesting winter coming up. Though I normally do think that! Certainly some chances of cold weather but I will save details for my actual forecast…though you’ve had plenty of hints over recent weeks into my thoughts anyway.

Obviously, I cannot do a forecast without a photograph. Which is where you come in.

So, the usual requirements:

  1. It must be from the local area
  2. It must have some form of winter weather. There is more than one type of weather in winter!
  3. It needs to be in landscape orientation. Which in layperson’s terms, means the width of the image needs to be longer than the height.

I think that is it. The image will be used both as the photograph for my winter forecast, and also as a cover photograph for the page on Facebook.

You can e-mail them to me, or send a message on Facebook/Twitter.

Remember I normally get 100+ so please don’t be offended if yours isn’t picked. I look for something that tells a story and fits my criteria – which isn’t always the prettiest photograph!

Also I will donate £10 to the charity of choice to whoever’s photograph I choose. Please choose something that the internet won’t find controversial – the only storms I want are snow storms or wind storms – not a social media…erm…storm. Over to you…

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