Winter Forecast Photograph Request

Gosh, it’s winter tomorrow! Which means I need a winter photograph.


Usual requirements apply:

  1. It must feature winter weather. There are various types of winter weather that you can choose from – I’ll try to choose one that fits my forecast as best as possible.
  2. It must feature the local area.
  3. The length of the photograph must be longer than the height. Appreciate that some of you ignore this, which is fine if you just want to send the photograph anyway, but it won’t be chosen!

Whoever’s photograph I choose will adorn the forecast and also be the cover photograph on Facebook for the next 3 months.

And I will donate £15 to a charity of their choice. But please make it something the internet won’t start arguments about – fluffy kittens good, charities involved in politics bad. That kind of thing. I’ll contact you if I choose your photograph.

Please add them to the Facebook post or e-mail them.

I will probably do the winter forecast this weekend but I have a lot on so no promises.

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