Wednesday 8th March 2023 – Rain/Snow Update

I trust you all got some snow? A slushy covering here in NW London, pretty much to expectations.

We’ll continue with patchy sleet/snow this morning – mostly light, perhaps more light rain/drizzle as the morning progresses.

In the early afternoon, the next weather front moves up from the south-west. More likely it starts as rain or sleet (though maybe some more rural areas it starts as snow), and as it becomes heavier in late afternoon/early evening, it falls as snow.

Different areas will have different experiences – more urban areas more likely a slushing covering, maybe 1-2cm, more rural areas particularly further west, maybe 5cm. It could also fall as rain at times.

It’s very marginal call stuff so don’t be shocked if it is more snowy or rain than I suggest, and it will be localised in terms of snow amounts.

Further showery rain, sleet or snow tonight – showery rain tomorrow, some heavy.

Full update on Thursday evening.

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