Wednesday 3rd April 2024

I had a request to bring the sunshine and warmth back with me from Sicily…well, I kind of managed the warmth but there’s plenty more rain and showers to come.

Photograph is from me, as I needed something with some gloom!

Today starts cloudy and dull – the main rain has cleared away but there will still be bits and pieces of light rain/drizzle around, perhaps some mist too. Some sunny spells from around lunchtime onwards, one or two scattered showers too. Around 14’C, maybe 15’C. Becoming windy too. Clear spells at first this evening, but a band of heavy showers crossing mid/late evening, followed by more clear spells, followed by another band of heavy/very heavy showers towards dawn. Down to around 9’C.

By Thursday we are still dominated by this low pressure system close to our south-west – and which is once again starting to pull much warmer air into Europe – many countries in central/eastern Europe saw their hottest ever March day this weekend gone. I saw 31’C in Sicily…which seems a tad crazy.

Thursday starts with an area of heavy/very heavy showers. This clears fairly quickly to some sunny spells, but plenty of cloud and a fair scattering of showers, perhaps quite heavy. Quite warm in any sunny spells, 15’C, maybe 16’C and quite windy too, especially in showers. Cloudy in the evening with mostly light rain, becoming heavier but showery rain after midnight. A mild night but windy too, 12’C.

Showery rain quickly clears on Friday to sunny spells, variable amounts of cloud and some scattered showers. Windy to start the day, breezy afterwards but also quite warm, 17’C, maybe 18’C. Cloud thickening as the afternoon goes on, with some patchy and mostly light rain in the evening. Mostly cloudy and dry for the rest of the night, in a mild southerly wind – no lower than 13’C.

Saturday morning sees us tap into this unusually warm air.

A fairly unusual day – and not just because it will be dry for a fair portion of the day. Hazy sunshine and warm, 18’C should be reached, perhaps 20’C – but combined with very strong winds, gusting 40mph, perhaps more. One or two showers possible in the afternoon, or more likely evening, as fresher air pushes east. Down to around 10’C overnight.

A bit of uncertainty for Sunday, but broadly sunny spells, variable amounts of cloud and a few scattered showers – around 15’C or so – more notably the low pressure system sat to our south-west for the last 10 days or so, circulating and generating cut-off lows, finally moves north.

Alas, the next low pressure system will be on it’s way for Monday. Timing uncertain as to when rain arrives, so perhaps we squeeze a nice/warmish morning out first…or even afternoon if rain arrives in the evening/overnight.

Is there any hope for change? Hope…yes, but expectation not quite yet there.

It does look like the jetstream should shift north next week somewhat, and also it seems like high pressure is going to build over Spain and try to push north – so I think a trend to warmer weather, but with a mixture of pleasant days, and wet/showery days seems more likely as next week progresses and into next weekend.

The signal for April to be a warmer and wetter than normal month is strong (more records broken?) though there are certainly hints that the latter third of April should be drier too.

Improvements! I’m a bit out of sync with forecasts (and everything else in life) so I guess the next one will be this weekend.

2 thoughts on “Wednesday 3rd April 2024

  1. thankyou for your time, and forcast, i get confused when certain folk go on about walls of snow and gales called kathleen, then i read yours and i can relax and get on with my plans xxxxx

    1. Thanks for the kind words! Try not to read “news stories” about weather forecasts…they just want you to click so will say whatever rubbish…The Met Office are very well worth following though.

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