Wednesday 27th September 2023

Warmer than normal with high pressure trying to take control – though not having its own way entirely.

Thanks to Tara for the photograph.

So the general picture for today sees Storm Agnes moving in – not really a story for us down here, the warmth from the continent is more notable.

It will be mostly cloudy for us today, though some bright spells are possible as the cloud should be quite thin at times. The bulk of the rain stays to our north-west, but the odd showery bit is possible – and probable during the evening. Becoming windy, though nothing unusual for us, and reaching around 21’C. A mixture of clear spells and cloud overnight, down to around 13’C.

Thursday will be fairly cloudy, but the cloud will be thin enough to allow for hazy sunshine. Temperatures a bit lower, around 18’C, maybe 19’C. Still breezy. Cloudy with some showery rain in the evening and overnight, a fairly warm night at around 15’C.

Some cloud still possible to start the day on Friday, but it will clear to leave good spells of sunshine – a bit of fair weather cloud, and perhaps some high-level cloud to make it hazy. Reaching around 20’C, or a shade under. Fairly clear skies overnight and chilly, down to around 7’C.

By Saturday we see high pressure rising from the south.

So we are looking at fine and settled weather, though sunshine is likely of the hazy variety due to a spell of rain to our west. Reaching around 18’C. Reasonably clear skies at first overnight, though likely clouding over later. Not chilly, though temperatures a bit uncertain – in the range of 10’C to 14’C.

Sunday has a bit of uncertainty – becoming much warmer, but also a weak weather front will bring some cloud and perhaps a bit of light rain at some unknown point. Hazy sunshine otherwise and temperatures in the range of 21’C to 24’C – not bad for the first day of October! Likely fairly cloudy overnight – a small chance of some showers, and around 13’C.

Monday looks warm, though with a chance of heavy showers – that part is quite uncertain.

Fresher for Tuesday.

High pressure is then likely to build over the UK for Wednesday, for at least a couple of days – quite warm by day but likely chilly nights too. Perhaps it might even become warmer for the weekend, some more 20’C days are certainly very possible – I still expect a warmer and drier October than normal.

Not sure when the next forecast will be – I’m out of my usual pattern thanks to Gatwick’s air traffic control deciding that I needed an extra night in Spain. Maybe Saturday/Sunday if I can find time!

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