Wednesday 24th June 2020 – Maximum Temperature Update

How hot will it get?

I’m going for 31.9’C today. Anyone else fancy a guess?

Will be checking as per Reading University.

Also you can see where in the UK the hottest temperature has been recorded so far today at Netweather Top Temperatures.

Yes, hot and sunny today, hot and sunny tomorrow – probably a degree less tomorrow.

The possible thundery breakdown (thunder possible, breakdown definite!) looks like it will be somewhere between 2am and 11am on Friday – somewhere between those times. Not ideal timing if you want a bit of action like I do, probably around a 10-20% chance of a proper thunderstorm – I’d still expect a bit of rain whatever happens and the odd rumble even if it doesn’t provide any proper action for us.

Sweet spot will be further north-east once the sun has warmed things up, say Cambridge, Lincolnshire, Yorkshire, etc.

Still very early in terms of details for the possible thundery breakdown, should have a clearer idea by time I do the full forecast tomorrow evening.
Fresher this weekend with showers. And generally quite mixed ahead.

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