Wednesday 19th May 2021

Morning. More rain and showers to come over the next few days – likely settling down next week but still no sign of warmth.

Probably a shorter update than normal as I’m on holiday, using my old slow laptop – and I’m just waiting for others to wake up so we can go out. Believe it or not, it has actually been sunny and dry here in the Lake District – actually felt like late spring in the sunshine yesterday. And it will for us today – alas, not for you down south.

Thanks to Clare for the photograph – I haven’t had time to even look at them all let alone say thanks, there have been loads sent to me – and my slow laptop never helps.

Today starts cloudy with some rain. This will clear east fairly quickly, replaced by brighter skies but still plenty of cloud – then heavy showers will develop from around lunchtime onwards. Not impossible you miss them but most likely getting at least a couple, possibly very heavy with hail and thunder possible too. Around 15’C in limited sunny spells. Clear spells overnight though cloud thickening from the west later, down to around 6’C.

Thursday starts bright. Cloud will continue to thicken with outbreaks of showery rain from late morning onwards – mostly light or moderate, and brightening up again later. Windy, around 13’C. Windy overnight, showers possible.

Friday sees low pressure in charge. Winds will be strong, there will be plenty of showers all day – possibly merging into longer spells of rain in the afternoon and evening. Cooler, 12’C and just 10 days until summer officially starts.

Saturday sees this low pressure move east, as we await the next one – and possibly last for a while. Plenty of cloud, a bit of sunshine, still some showers around which could be heavy, 14’C at a push.

Sunday then sees the next low pressure system arrive. A band of rain will push east, timing uncertain but during the day with several hours of persistent rain. If during the morning, then expect heavy showers to follow. Quite windy asnd cool, 12’C.

Monday is another day of sunny spells and heavy showers. Hail and thunder possible, though a bit of sunshine too and perhaps getting to 15’C.

Will it ever end? Well, on Tuesday the weather will start to…I don’t want to say improve so I’ll say de-escalate. High pressure will start to build from the west, so there will be more sunshine but there will still be some scattered heavy showers and a northerly breeze. 15’C or so.

The rest of next week looks similar. High pressure to our west, low pressure to our east – we are stuck in the middle with a northerly flow which will mean temperatures around 15’C, some sunny spells but also some showers – generally less than of late but still around. Perhaps trending a tad warmer later in the week but I’m cautious.

The somewhat more likely outcome for the bank holiday weekend would see it fairly dry, fairly sunny and fairly warm – though something cooler and wet is still possible. You can have hope though.

June still looks like it will be settled – drier than normal but temperatures probably quite varied, with high pressure likely to be close to our west this will mean a return of cooler northerlies at times, though cooler northerlies can still be pleasantly warm enough in June. And there will be the chance of more notable warmth at times too.

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