Wednesday 15th November 2023

Some more wind/rain/showers to come but something drier developing next week with high pressure closer.

Thanks to Tracy for the photograph.

Today will see decent spells of sunshine. Seriously. A small chance of a shower this morning, but otherwise pleasant with sunny spells, and some cloud – a bit more high cloud later. 11’C, maybe squeezing a 12’C. On the breezy side. Cloud gradually thickening overnight with some outbreaks of rain arriving before dawn. Down to around 5’C.

Thursday sees a new area of low pressure cross the south of the UK – the jetstream remains on a southerly track, though not for too much longer.

Thursday likely sees rain for much of the day – sometimes heavy, sometimes light, and it will be fairly windy. I say “likely” as there is some uncertainty on the track, and it isn’t impossible that it is further south, and we remain cloudy with just some bits of rain. Notably cool, 7’C at best. Cloudy for most of the night, with some occasional bits of rain still possible – some clear spells probable by dawn, with temperatures getting down to around 2’C – a chance of a frost by dawn.

Friday looks reasonably sunny – some cloud at times, but a pleasant, if cool, day – around 9’C. Cloud gradually thickening overnight, with outbreaks of rain arriving in the latter part of the night, and becoming quite windy. Down to around 3’C at first but temperatures picking up as the night goes on.

Saturday morning sees outbreaks of rain – sometimes heavy. This should clear during the afternoon, but timing uncertain – so you may get some late afternoon sunshine. Windy, especially in the morning but much milder too as we tap into the Iberian warmth – you don’t want to know how warm it has been down here for me in Malaga this last week! 14’C back home. Cloud gradually clearing overnight, a shower not impossible, still quite windy and around 10’C.

Low pressure still around for Sunday – a fairly mixed day, some sunny spells, some cloud and some scattered showers – and still quite windy. Around 13’C.

Low pressure still close by for Monday, but high pressure rising in the Atlantic to our west, should come to have more influence as the week goes on.

Showers for Monday, and less so on Tuesday – some sunny spells and around 10’C.

Wednesday through Friday more likely dry or mostly dry – any weather fronts that make it through should be on the weak side. Unsure on sunshine amounts, and temperatures broadly around average – should skies be clear overnight then frost will be possible.

Perhaps something colder for the week after, though more likely we return to something fairly unsettled once more.

The form horse for December, remains mild and otherwise pretty average in my eyes, perhaps slightly drier than average.

Not sure when the next forecast will be – perhaps Saturday morning, it’s possible I will be back in England next week (will be quite a shock to leave the warm sunshine), but life will still be a bit chaotic until I get settled into my new place, so forecasts will remain haphazardly timed.

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