Wednesday 13th January 2021 – Rain Update

Just a little update on the rain and possible back-edge sleet/snow.

Rain will become persistent again late evening and at times overnight, some heavy. Further rain will continue at times tomorrow – sometimes light, sometimes heavy.

By mid-afternoon, there is a reasonable chance that it will turn to sleet or wet snow. There’s still a fair range of uncertainty – the rain might be too far east by time it “could” turn to sleet/wet snow, or it could have faded and be too light, by time the colder air digs in. Or maybe

But still, I think there is a fair chance of some sleet or wet snow falling as the rain clears, most likely somewhere between mid-afternoon and early evening. Height an advantage as always, and the further north and east you are, again a slight advantage.

I would be surprised if anything settled. It’s all very marginal, but very slightly marginal in favour of at least seeing some wintriness fall.

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