Tuesdsay 20th October 2020

Morning. I’m just going to get on with the forecast and see how far I get – my laptop is old, the keyboard is annoyingly small and I’m on my staycation, so no photographs, etc.

Tuesday starts cloudy, still a little patchy rain but that will fade. Sunny spells will follow, just a very small chance of a shower but most places staying dry. Feeling quite warm, 17’C, maybe 18’C in the southerly wind. Heavy rain spreading up from the south overnight, roughly midnight onwards, perhaps very heavy. Mild and also becoming a bit windy by dawn, 14’C.

Wednesday starts with heavy rain. This will clear during the afternoon, still the odd shower possible but eventually some brightness too. Around 16’C and quite windy. One or two showers possible in the evening, otherwise clear spells overnight, 11’C.

Thursday will be a day of sunshine and showers, some heavy. Still in the milder flow, around 15’C. Clear skies overnight, down to around 6’C.

Friday starts sunny. Cloud will build with a fairly weak band of rain slowing crossing during the afternoon – there won’t be much rain out of it. A bit cooler than recent days, 13’C. Variable cloud overnight, down to around 6’C.

Saturday looks like it will become rather windy as low pressure approaches from the west. However, most likely, rain will stay to our west and we’ll have sunny spells, albeit hazy, and feeling pleasant also, say 16’C. Not 100% certain, but most likely.

The band of rain only slowly moving east, uncertain on arrival timing, perhaps overnight on Saturday but more likely some time on Sunday.

Next week is most likely to be unsettled, with heavy rain and strong winds at times – possible some gales.

After that, we should start to see high pressure build which will probably dominate a good chunk of November. Fog and frost will become probable features once high pressure arrives.

Next forecast will either be Friday evening or Saturday morning. Have a good week…I’m shortly off to Land’s End just to say I’ve been, then to St Ives for fish and chips. Have a pleasant week.

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