Tuesday 8th November 2021

Another boring week of weather ahead – mild, often cloudy, only a little rain. A taste of winter may not be far away though.

Thanks to Tara for the photograph.

Tonight will be cloudy, the odd spot of light rain/drizzle, and temperatures around 9’C.

Tuesday sees the Euro-slug of high pressure to our south keeping things dry.

Starting cloudy, perhaps a spot of light rain. There will be sunshine at times from mid/late morning onwards and it will be milder of late, 15’C, thanks to air mixed in from a totally decayed tropical storm system. A few clear spells at first but becoming cloudy as a weak weather front slowly sinks south-east overnight – a little patchy rain by dawn. Around 9’C.

Wednesday will be mostly cloudy with occasional bits of rain – patchy in nature and mostly light, but the odd heavyish burst possible in the morning. 12’C. Mostly cloudy overnight, the odd splash of light rain, but a few clear spells at times later in the night too, down to around 9’C.

A lot of cloud again on Thursday, the odd splash of light rain possible, but there will be some occasional sunshine too. Mild, 14’C. The cloud should clear overnight, or perhaps just thin and become more high-level – down to around 8’C and becoming breezy too.

Things become tricky from Friday onwards in terms of forecasting – low pressure will be moving towards the UK, but whether it will cross the UK, or skirt around the UK – cross Scotland then sink south over the North Sea on Saturday, is uncertain.

So Friday may see some showers or a short band of rain – or it may stay fairly sunny. It is around a 50/50 chance. Mild either way, around 13’C and quite windy.

Saturday then sees this low pressure close to our east (no matter which route it took), which means it will be mostly cloudy, a little sunshine at times, the odd scattered shower too. Around 11’C.

This low pressure then sinks further south into Europe and introduces an easterly on Sunday – with high pressure over Scandinavia, which is fairly unusual in November.

Sunday will be generally cloudy, the odd spot of light rain possible, and feeling cool in the easterly breeze, around 11’C.

Next week should start dry with high pressure in charge – uncertain at the moment whether it will be normal temperatures or something chilly – it will depend on the exact positioning of high pressure.

As I’ve mentioned many times, the latter half (well, third) of November looks more likely than normal to see northerly or north-westerly winds. This could happen by the end of next week or next weekend, but is too early to be sure. Far too early!

A small chance of something really notably cold, with wintry showers – but more likely just something quite cold, still perhaps a wintry flavour to any showers with some frost, but nothing too unusual for the time of year.

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