Tuesday 5th March 2024

Less rain. But still some more rain.

Thanks to Eve for the photograph.

Tuesday sees a weakening low pressure slide across the south of England, bringing cloud and showers at times – showers could merge into longer spells of rain but this will be fairly localised, also they could be heavy at times – but some uncertainty on which exact areas of southern England will get more rain and when. Some brightness possible later in the day at times. Reaching around 9’C in fairly light winds. Fairly cloudy overnight – the rain should stay to our east though it will likely head our way so I cannot be sure it stays dry, but more likely. Some clear spells possible – especially the further west you are. Down to around 2’C, a chance of frost the further west you are – and possibly some mist/fog by dawn. What a complex little day!

Wednesday sees high pressure continue to build over Scandinavia, and start to influence our weather.

Wednesday morning starts with a mixture of mist/fog/cloud patches – a small chance of some drizzle, perhaps a few spots with some sunshine. Generally it will brighten up with some sunny spells, and some showers breaking out also. Reaching around 10’C. Quite a bit of cloud overnight, a chance of a shower, some clear spells also – down to around 3’C.

Quite a bit of cloud to start Thursday, one or two scattered showers – say around a 50% chance of catching one. Generally increasing amounts of sunshine in the afternoon, and reaching around 11’C, maybe 12’C. Reasonably clear skies overnight, becoming breezy, down to around 4’C.

Friday looks rather pleasant. Sunny, a bit of fair-weather cloud, and increasing amounts of high cloud as the day goes on, but otherwise…quite nice. A south-easterly breeze still making it feel a tad cool, but reaching somewhere between 10’C and 12’C. Fairly cloudy overnight, some showery rain pushing up from the south by around dawn – some uncertainty though. Down to around 5’C and still breezy.

For Saturday we see high pressure well to our north, low pressure being pushed south over France/Spain, and nudging into southern England.

It’s possible that the rain stays to our south, but more likely we stay cloudy with outbreaks of rain from time to time – not always raining though. Say an 80% chance of this, 20 % chance we stay dry. Likely on the mild side, around 10’C, give or take and quite windy too. Further rain possible overnight, though uncertain on where it will track at this stage.

Sunday looks cloudy and breezy with an easterly flow, though not especially cold – around 9’C or so. Some showery rain possible – details uncertain at this stage.

Next week likely stays with this easterly flow – more likely cloudy, perhaps some light rain/drizzle, and on the cool side. High pressure probably remains in control for at least a couple more days next week.

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