Tuesday 5th December 2023

The cold air relents and the Atlantic wins – expect more wind and rain, and it to gradually become milder. For a while.

Thanks to Clare for the photograph.

We start Tuesday with low pressure slowly easing away – struggling to move far into the continent due to the high pressure block to the east, with the next low pressure systems waiting to the west.

It starts cloudy and damp, with bits and pieces of mostly light rain/drizzle. This gradually fades during the day, and the cloud will break to allow a bit of sunshine at times this afternoon. Still fairly chilly at 6’C. Reasonably clear skies overnight, a few fog patches forming, and a frost for most – generally down to around -2’C, give or take.

Wednesday starts frosty for most, foggy for some – the fog becoming more extensive for a time before slowly fading away – most places should see some hazy sunshine in the afternoon. Reaching around 4’C, maybe 5’C – though if fog lingers into the afternoon (it should clear) then a little lower. Cloud gradually thickening overnight, with patchy rain from late evening onwards – and becoming quite windy. Around 5’C.

Thursday will be cloudy with patchy rain, until a more organised band of heavy rain crosses in the afternoon. Windy too, around 7’C. Variable cloud overnight, a stray shower possible – around 8’C.

Low pressure over England for Friday which will bring quite a lot of cloud and some showers – perhaps merging into longer spells of rain. Breezy but milder, 10’C. Fairly cloudy overnight, around 7’C.

Saturday sees the next weather front cross, bringing another spell of rain – possibly heavy though some uncertainty as to this aspect. Mild and breezy, 12’C.

Sunday, Monday and Tuesday all likely to see rain/showers at some point – though timing uncertain, hence me grouping them together! Generally mild and windy at times.

More likely staying fairly changeable until around Christmas, though short colder and drier spells should be mixed in – the general theme mostly should be often unsettled and fairly mild.

I will do the winter forecast when I get time…not sure when that will be! This week I hope.

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