Tuesday 4th April 2023

Some rain in the forecast, but settled for much of it – and a tiny bit milder/warmer than previously thought.

Thanks to Chris for the photograph. And no thanks to Virgin Media for being a disaster this morning.

Today sees long spells of sunshine. Kind of glorious and it will feel fairly warm in the sun, though still in reality it is just 13’C, maybe 14’C. A chilly night tonight with a frost in places, down to around 0’C – cloud will gradually thicken as the night goes on.

By Wednesday we start to see a weather front push in from the west.

But for most of Wednesday it will be dry – bright to start with some hazy sunshine poking through, but cloud will gradually thicken. Outbreaks of light and patchy rain arriving during the latter part of the afternoon. 12’C with a bit of a breeze. The band of light/moderate rain slowly crosses overnight, a coule of showers will follow, down to around 8’C.

Thursday starts cloudy – maybe one or two showers. The sun will come out, which will then trigger a few scattered heavy showers, perhaps thunder, though these fading as the afternoon goes on. Breezy, around 13’C. Clear skies overnight – down to around 2’C, a patchy frost in more sheltered spots.

Good Friday will be…quite good. Sunny for the morning, cloud will bubble for the afternoon, a small chance of a light shower, but it will remain bright enough, still some sunny spells. Around 13’C. Mostly clear skies overnight, though a chance of mist/fog by dawn. A patchy frost again, more likely in sheltered spots, down to around 2’C.

You may remember the discussion being whether we’d end up with a chilly easterly feed for the Easter weekend, or a warmer southerly feed – depending on how high pressure to our north-east positioned itself? With the chilly feed being the somewhat favourite.

Well we’ve ended up with a halfway house.

Some mist/fog patches to start Saturday but otherwise it will be sunny. Likely quite a bit of cloud develops, with more cloud than sun overall – though some uncertainty. Temperatures around 14’C, give or take. A very small chance of a light shower. Some cloud overnight as a weak weather front tries to cross, down to around 4’C.

Easter Sunday looks to have a bit of a southerly component to the breeze, so a bit more scope for something warmish, at last. Uncertainty on cloud amounts, but more likely more sunshine than cloud overall, and temperatures more likely in the range of 14’C to 17’C. Don’t be too surprised if it is cloudier and a bit cooler.

Easter Monday probably sees a weather front spread across from the west – timing uncertain, maybe we squeeze out a bit more hazy sunshine before the weather front arrives, but more likely we are cloudy with some rain at some point during the day. Around 14’C, give or take.

Very low confidence for the rest of next week, something changeable slightly more likely, though I wouldn’t rule out some pleasant days instead. Temperatures average or slightly above – and slightly above is pretty decent now.

So a little bit better than previously expected for Easter. Nice.

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