Tuesday 31st October 2023

Staying unsettled with Storm Ciaran arriving for Wednesday night into Thursday. You could call it a Halloween forecast.

Thanks to Christel for the perfect photograph.

Today sees some sunny spells, though plenty of cloud around and chance of a shower or two, though pretty hit and miss. Cloud gradually thickening during the afternoon, with rain arriving around 5/6pm ish. Reaching around 14’C. Outbreaks of rain this evening, some heavy, with occasional showers following overnight. Around 13’C and becoming quite windy. Some notably heavy showers possible around dawn, or just before.

Wednesday starts with heavy/very heavy showers. Sunny spells and scattered showers follow for the rest of the day. 13’C and fairly windy. Dry for a time in the evening, but rain arriving by late evening, some heavy rain, and this followed by heavy/very heavy showers overnight. Some strong gusts of wind too – perhaps sufficient for some damage/disruption, a few trees/fence panels down, etc.

Thursday sees Storm Ciaran in control.

Possibly some strong gusts of wind to start the day, but it will calm down for a time during the morning – rain on and off all day, sometimes heavy, and the winds against strengthen during the afternoon, probably reaching gale force with gusts around 50mph – again some minor damage to fence panels, some trees down, etc. 11’C at best. Rain and wind gradually fading overnight, down to around 8’C.

Friday will be calmer, rather cloudy in the morning though some bright spells – more in the way of sunshine as the day goes on. Reaching around 12’C and still quite windy. Clear skies at first overnight, though cloud gradually thickening with rain arriving before dawn. Down to around 6’C.

Saturday sees rain in the morning, likely fairly heavy, with sunny spells and scattered heavy showers in the afternoon. Reaching around 12’C and fairly windy.

Sunday doesn’t look too bad – some cloud, some sunny spells, the odd scattered shower. Around 12’C and breezy.

Remaining unsettled next week (and probably the week after) with hints of something cooler too.

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