Tuesday 28th March 2023

Good morning from sunny and warm Malta! No, I will not be bringing the warmth back with me, but it will start to become drier from the weekend. Some unsettled weather to come first.

Thanks to Christel for the photograph.

A bit less research than normal today, because of the so-so wi-fi.

Today will be cloudy with outbreaks of rain – most of the rain in the morning, the afternoon much drier but still some occasional splashes of light rain possible. Windy, around 8’C. Cloudy and 9’C overnight.

Wednesday sees an area of showers move up from the south-west during the morning, some heavy. Generally cloudy afterwards, with a few scattered heavy showers possible again towards early evening. Mild and breeze, 12’C. Further heavy showers during the evening, mostly dry overnight with a few clear spells, down to 9’C or so.

Sunny spells and scattered showers on Thursday, most places catching at least a couple of showers but a small chance you’ll stay dry. Showers could be heavy with a small chance of hail/thunder. 15’C and breezy. Rain spreading up from the south-west in the evening, some heavy bursts and times, and winds becoming fairly strong.

Friday sees low pressure over the south of England, a fairly deep system for the time of year. Showery rain or showers all day, limited brightness, fairly strong winds especially in any heavy showers. Around 11’C. Showers/showery rain continuing overnight and on the cool side, around 6’C.

Saturday sees low pressure slowly moving south-east, so there will be plenty of cloud and still some bits of showery rain at times, or showers – still a chance of a heavy shower. Some uncertainty on both wind strength and temperatures, which will depend on the positioning of the low pressure – temperatures anywhere between 6’C and 12’C. Uncertain overnight – either cloudy with bits and pieces of rain, or clear skies with a frost.

Sunday starts to see high pressure build. Still a chance of a shower, but generally more settled, there should be at least a bit of sunshine. Temperatures nothing special, roughly between 9’C and 11’C.

Next week looks drier – I wouldn’t want to suggest no rain at this stage.

Easter weekend is more likely dry than wet, but also more likely cool than warm.

Generally April does look cool and often showery. May isn’t looking anything special – warmer, but above-average rainfall currently still looks more likely. We’ll see…things change, but I’m not especially optimistic for spring!

Maybe time to book another holiday…

Next forecast will probably be on Friday. I shall go enjoy my last full day of sunshine and warmth for who know how long. See ya!

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