Tuesday 27th September 2022

Good morning from cloudy Skopje – though at least it is warm over here, unlike in the UK with the cool northerly wind. Which is part of the story this week – the other part is that it is rather unsettled.

Thanks to Kate for the photograph.

Today sees the cooler northerly flow having moved down the country…well…more NNW than strict northerly, but similar enough.

Generally fairly cloudy today, some bright/sunny spells at times, a few scattered showers around in the wind – some places missing them, some places getting a few showers, unlikely to be heavy. Around 14’C in a fresh wind. Skies gradually clearing overnight, though the wind (albeit somewhat lighter) stopping the temperatures falling too much – down to around 7’C.

Wednesday starts fairly sunny. Quite a bit of fair weather cloud bubbling up from around late morning, one or two light/moderate scattered showers around but more likely you’ll stay dry, say a 30% chance of one. 15’C in a northerly breeze. Clear spells at first overnight, though a band of cloud and showery rain spreads down from the north a little after midnight, some heavy bursts probable. Around 9’C.

Thursday likely starts cloudy, perhaps still a bit of heavy showery rain to clear. The sun should come out at times, particularly later in the day, but further showers will be triggered, some heavy. Around 16’C and still breezy. Skies clearing overnight with temperatures down to around 6’C – mist/fog patches possible by dawn.

Friday starts to see things turn more westerly, with a large area of low pressure over Iceland.

Once any early mist/fog clears, it will become sunny, albeit hazy. Cloud gradually thickens during the day as a weather front approaches, reaching around 16’C. Rain arriving somewhere between 3pm and 6pm, a good 6-8 hours of persistent and heavy rain, with some strong gusty winds too. Clear skies before or around dawn, temperatures around 11’C.

Saturday starts sunny. It looks like either an either of heavy showers crosses during the afternoon, perhaps as early as lunchtime – or another band of general heavy rain. Around 16’C and breezy. Clear skies overnight, down to around 9’C.

Sunday looks a reasonable day as high pressure builds from the south-west. Sunny spells, some cloud and temperatures around 16’C.

Next week looks mostly dry with high pressure in charge – though a weak weather front may bring a little rain at some point midweek-ish. Warmer, we may even see 20’C again, which is pretty decent for early October.

I’m still broadly expecting October to be drier and warmer than normal – there should be some spells of cooler and somewhat unsettled weather mixed in, but no particular signs at the moment.

Next update will either be Thursday or Friday. Time to go put some shorts on in the hope things warm up for my last full day in Skopje. See you later!

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