Tuesday 26th March 2024

Probably a short update as I’m on holiday and have stuff to do, but also you probably don’t want to hear about more unsettled weather!

Thanks to Christel for the photograph.

Today starts cloudy, some brightness possible at first but outbreaks of rain will spread up from the south during the morning, becoming persistent and quite heavy in the afternoon. Around 10’C. Rain slowly clears north during the evening, some clear skies overnight and down to around 5’C.

The general picture for Wednesday sees low pressure close to our west…and it won’t really move anywhere for a week or so.

Sunny to start, but a band of cloud and rain will then spread east, roughly around late morning with 2-3 hours of rain, though a little uncertainty on timing. Sunny spells and showers will follow for the rest of the afternoon, perhaps heavy, a small chance of thunder/hail. Around 10’C, with fairly strong winds in the rain, and gusty in any showers that follow. Another band of showery rain, likely on the heavy size, spreading across late evening/overnight – again timing a little uncertain. On the chilly side, 4’C.

Thursday sees further heavy showers, perhaps merging into longer spells of heavy rain, more likely in the morning if so. Some occasional sunshine but heavy showers really the theme, thunder/hail possible. 10’C and fairly strong winds once more. Further heavy showers overnight, down to around 7’C.

Good Friday won’t be good weather, but a bit more sunshine, and fewer showers – though still plenty of showers. Tending to be drier later in the afternoon, and temperatures up a tad to 12’C or so. Still quite windy. Generally cloudy overnight – a small chance of rain, but most likely it is to the east of the UK. Down to around 6’C, give or take.

Not 100% confidence for Saturday, but the more likely outcome is sunny spells and scattered heavy/very heavy showers, thunder possible. That said, not everywhere seeing showers, and with temperatures around 14’C, maybe 15’C – it should be quite pleasant.

The more likely outcome for Easter Sunday sees sunny spells and scattered heavy showers – and around 15’C. It could be worse.

And it probably will be worse, as Easter Monday looks like seeing heavy rain.

Further rain/showers expected next week, and temperatures perhaps below normal too. Joy. At least it looks like I’ll get 4 days of sunshine here in Palermo…and 28’C by Sunday! Rain today and tomorrow for me also, alas.

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