Tuesday 26th July 2022

High pressure is trying to build from the west, but it isn’t completely plain-sailing – some cloud at times and even the odd shower.

Thanks to Jo for the marvellous photograph.

For those sending photographs via Facebook messages, it does seem to have fixed itself, so you can revert to using Facebook to send them – or you can e-mail them to hello@readingweather.co.uk – whichever suits you!

One or two evening showers dotted around but most places staying dry, clear spells overnight and down to around 14’C.

Wednesday sees high pressure loosely in control over the UK.

It isn’t the strongest build of high pressure ever, and there will be plenty of cloud, some sunny spells – a few scattered showers, say a 30% chance of catching one. Warm, 22’C. Fairly cloudy and fairly warm overnight, down to around 16’C.

Thursday looks rather cloudy, though the cloud thin enough most of the time to allow some hazy sunshine through. It should be dry – but I cannot rule out a shower. Very warm, 24’C. Still rather cloudy overnight though tending to break up towards dawn, 14’C.

Friday looks like seeing more in the way of sunshine, and temperatures getting into the hot category too. Some fair-weather cloud bubbling up, especially around lunchtime, but a much more summer-like day. Around 27’C. Some high cloud overnight keeping things on the warm side, down to around 17’C.

Saturday sees a weak weather front cross the country. A little uncertainty on timing – it will probably start sunny/hazy and quickly become very warm – the weather front more likely crossing during the middle or latter part of the day bringing mostly cloud but perhaps a little patchy rain. Some sunny spells again later, depending on how late the weather front arrived. The uncertain timing means maximum temperatures are uncertain – but somewhere between 23’C and 28’C.

Details sketchy for Sunday but something along the lines of variable cloud, some sunny spells and a few scattered showers is the more likely outcome. Arguably more cloud likely than sun overall. Temperatures somewhere between 24’C and 28’C…decent enough weather for football coming home?

Next week more likely sees high pressure weakly in control – likely quite hot, probably quite cloudy – at least some days, with the odd shower. An outside chance of it being briefly very hot in midweek.

The more likely outcome for next weekend, obviously 10+ days away so take with a huge pinch of salt, is for it to be sunnier but a little less hot, closer to warm/very warm. But as I said…10+ days away.

Potential for very hot conditions to return through the middle third of August, but this is a long way away. One to keep an eye on but only very tentative signals at this stage.

Next full forecast will be…erm…Saturday? Time to go watch the Lionesses.

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