Tuesday 20th June 2023

A few showers but plenty of sunshine, and becoming quite hot towards the weekend.

Thanks to me for the photograph. Yes, I was actually in Reading recently! A reminder that if you want to send a photograph then I cannot access them via Facebook messages. You can either e-mail them to hello@readingweather.co.uk or add them as a comment to a Facebook post.

So the general picture sees the jetstream gradually heading north from its extended vacation across the Mediterranean in spring – so from time to time we will have low pressure trying to push towards the UK, which will bring some showers such as we’ve had the last couple of days. But also high pressure will keep trying to build, and there is lots of warmth around.

Today starts with some showery heavy rain, perhaps a rumble of thunder – though by time I write this it will probably have cleared north. Sunny spells will follow from around late morning, though always a fair amount of cloud and a small chance of a heavy shower. Tending to be increasing amounts of sunshine for late afternoon. Very warm, 25’C. Reasonably clear skies overnight, a bit of cloud, down to around 14’C.

Wednesday will be fair with sunny spells and varying amounts of fair-weather cloud. A small chance of a shower but more likely you’ll stay dry. Very warm again, 25’C, maybe 26’C. Fairly clear skies overnight though some high cloud spreading up from the south, down to around 14’C.

Thursday starts bright with hazy sunshine. Some fair weather cloud bubbling up, enough for some scattered heavy, perhaps thundery showers – say a 50-60% chance of catching one or two. On the hot side, 28’C or so. Fairly clear skies overnight, down to around 15’C.

Friday sees an attempt at weather fronts to cross the UK, but rain will stay mostly over Ireland and the NW of England/Wales – but we’ll see more in the way of high/mid-level cloud so we are talking hazy sunshine. Temperatures between 26’C and 28’C. Mostly clear skies overnight and a warmer feel, down to around 16’C.

By Saturday we see hotter air moving up from the south, but low pressure to the west strengthening and pushing towards us…or trying to.

Long spells of hot sunshine will be the outcome for Saturday – some high/fair weather cloud possible, but generally pretty glorious. Temperatures roughly between 28’C and 30’C. A fairly warm night likely, down to around 16’C.

I think high pressure hangs on for Sunday, it is the more likely outcome, with rain further north. Assuming so then spells of sunshine, perhaps hazy, and still on the hot side, somewhere between 26’C and 29’C – with a chance of a shower. Not the highest confidence ever on details though. Perhaps fresher overnight.

Working on the basic that the earlier low pressure stays to our north, then next week starts dry with sunny spells once more – though the low pressure should at least introduce somewhat fresher air, with temperatures back into a range of 22’C to 25’C to start next week.

In general for the start of July, I think it will generally be very warm to hot, often sunny, the occasional weak weather front may cross from the north-west to make it fresher (ie back to very warm), occasionally thunderstorms may break out or move north from France. Generally though – summer.

And as July progresses, it should generally be settled and hot.

Not sure when the next forecast will be – I’m away for a few days so this might have to do you until Monday.

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