Tuesday 19th May 2020

Morning. Quite a mix of weather this week – our hottest day of the year so far on Wednesday, a chance of thunderstorms on Thursday, then some mish-mashy weather.

Well, it might be lunchtime by time I finish writing it as I might not finish before work. And no, I had a worse night’s sleep last night so I’m even more tired today. And my hayfever has finally kicked in. Oh well, at least I can work from home…for the next 30 years.

Had quite a lot of photographs to choose from this week – thanks to Jo.

Today sees long spells of sunshine. There will be some high cloud around at times – some low cloud is possible, more likely late afternoon – though more likely to stay sunny. Very warm, 25’C. Mostly clear overnight, down to around 10’C.

Wednesday should become the hottest day of the year so far. Broadly sunny, though with high cloud especially in the afternoon. Again there is a chance of some areas of low cloud or fair weather cloud bubbling up, more likely in the afternoon. 25’C if you get a bit more cloud, but we should get to 27’C – and a bit humid too. Clear spells at first overnight, quite a warm feeling night and a bit humid, minimum of 15’C.

Thursday is uncertain. There is certainly a chance of afternoon thunderstorms developing, say a 25% chance, or even general showery, thundery rain. Sunshine amounts also uncertain – it could often be sunny, and reach 26’C, or perhaps more cloudy and muggy, 22’C. Won’t be until late tomorrow until there is a better handle on the details, I’m afraid.

Friday will see fresher air sweep across, thanks to a weather front from the remnants of the first Atlantic tropical storm of the year, Arthur (pretty certain it is the remnants…or spawned by, if not technically remnants), off the west coast of Scotland. Bringing cloud and bits of rain for the morning. Some sunshine in the afternoon, albeit probably hazy at times. Maybe 20’C by the afternoon or a little under, but feeling much fresher in the south-westerly breeze. Variable cloud overnight, down to around 9’C and still breezy.

Saturday sees high pressure build from the south again. Sunny spells, fair weather cloud and around 20’C, give or take a couple of degrees. A small chance of a lightish shower. Clear spells overnight, 7’C.

Sunday sees high pressure extend its control across the whole country. Again good spells of sunshine, some fair weather cloud and also high cloud, but broadly very pleasant and becoming warmer, 22’C or so.

Nearly finished it before work…not quite!

Bank Holiday Monday…yeah another one…should be warm/very warm with sunny spells.

Tuesday likely warmer, perhaps quite hot.

Not entirely certain where we go immediately after there. Whilst some quite hot days look very possible, there is also the chance of a short unsettled spell from the Atlantic – talking a few days at most and I’m not yet totally bought into that idea.

Generally speaking, June looks warmer and sunnier than average – with less days of rain falling than normal too. Some further very warm/hot conditions likely.

July and August still look more mixed.

I guess the next full forecast will be Thursday evening, but you will also get a more detailed look at Thursday’s potential thunderstorms before then, though I stress it is no more than a 25% chance as it stands for us. Further east has a higher chance, especially towards East Anglia – and it could be a non-event.

This might not be the last “morning” full forecast you receive.

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