Tuesday 19th March 2024

It remains changeable – warmer, then colder, then wetter.

Photograph is from me this week, as Facebook isn’t loading messages for some reason.

This morning will be mostly cloudy with a few splashes of fairly light rain, as a weather front slowly sinks south-east, some occasional brightness. Likely still mostly cloudy this afternoon, but some sunny breaks, some brightness – a small chance of a light/moderate shower. Around 14’C, perhaps a little more if sunshine amounts surprise. Mostly cloudy this evening and overnight, some showery rain possible mid/late evening and around midnight – the bulk of it will be further north-west. Mild, around 10’C.

For Wednesday we see high pressure trying to build over the UK, the jetstream well to our north with associated weather systems, and one just dropping down to Spain.

Wednesday morning will be quite cloudy, though it should be thin enough for at least some hazy sunshine at times. Also one or two showers dotted around, and perhaps some patchy light/rain drizzle at times. In the afternoon, some more cloud breaks likely, so at least some sunshine, but plenty of cloud still around and available. Quite warm, 16’C, maybe 17’C. Fairly cloudy overnight though a few clear breaks, down to around 8’C.

Staying on the cloudy side for Thursday, the morning cloudier though some hazy sunshine possible, the afternoon generally sunnier, though some cloud still around. Mild, 14’C, maybe 15’C. Fairly cloudy and increasingly so overnight, as a weather front spreads down from the north-west, down to around 6’C – some rain possible by dawn, timing uncertain.

Friday starts cloudy with outbreaks of rain. Some uncertainty on how quickly it clears – could be anything between 9am and 4pm before it clears, I’d favour somewhere around midday. Also some uncertainty as to whether it will intensify into heavy rain – more likely light/moderate rain, but perhaps something more. Sunny spells, fair-weather cloud and cooler air following – around 11’C. Clear skies overnight and colder than of late, down to around 1’C in a fairly cold wind. A frost possible.

By Saturday, colder air has spread south.

Colder and showery – sunshine and showers will be the theme, some heavy showers, perhaps a rumble of thunder, hail and sleet possibly mixed in too, especially in any notably heavy showers. Around 8’C but a pretty chilly wind. Quite windy with further showers possible overnight, around 3’C.

Sunday sees things moderating, some sunshine, some cloud, still likely some showers around, which could be on the heavy side – but generally fewer than Saturday – perhaps you’ll miss them. Still on the cool side, around 9’C. Chilly overnight – a frost possible.

I think this is where the forecast ends, at least with any form of accuracy on details, though more likely it becomes unsettled once more as the jetstream moves south, likely due to the sudden stratospheric warming event which happened a week or so ago.

More likely than not, next week will be unsettled with further spells of heavy rain, and heavy showers, strong winds possible at times too. Generally on the cool/cold side – an outside chance of some sleet/wet snow mixed in.

Likely this continues into Easter weekend too, but there is a small chance of dragging up some warmth from the Mediterranean instead…or as well as the rain.

April likely starts wet/showery too. It will change…in time.

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