Tuesday 16th May 2023

Well, after the most disappointing Saturday, I can offer you something brighter, drier and sometimes sunnier this week – though still not perfect, some showers, some cloud and not especially warm.

No photograph as Facebook isn’t allowing me to view them – feel free to e-mail me photographs to hello@readingweather.co.uk in the meantime – who knows how long it will be broken for. I’m sure Facebook are too busy building the Metaverse, if that is still a thing.

The general pattern sees high pressure building from the west, with low pressure to our east and a light northerly-ish flow.

Tuesday starts sunny. Cloud will bubble up and it will be mostly cloudy from around lunchtime – with some more sunny spells again later in the day. A small chance of a light/moderate shower, but most places staying dry. 16’C, maybe a 17’C. Some clear spells overnight, some cloud, down to around 6’C.

Wednesday starts with hazy sunshine but cloud will quickly bubble up and showers will break out fairly widely – nothing too heavy though. Showers tending to fade in the afternoon with more spells of hazy sunshine. 16’C, maybe 17’C. A lot of high/mid level cloud overnight, some clear spells, down to around 6’C.

Thursday sees a bit of a mixture of cloud types/amounts, some high/mid level cloud at times making it hazy, some fair weather cloud developing, but also some decent spells of sunshine. A small chance of a light/moderate shower in the afternoon, and reaching around 18’C, give or take. Becoming cloudier overnight as a weak weather front develops, some showers possible as the night goes on. Around 11’C.

Friday is a little uncertain on details – high pressure only loosely in charge with this weak feature that developed overnight bringing showers – but the extent is uncertain. So broadly, some sunny spells, some cloud – and probably some showers, which could be heavy – though uncertain as to where in England the focus will be. Temperatures somewhere between 15’C and 18’C, depending on sunshine amounts. A mixture of cloud and clear spells overnight, down to around 8’C – though could be a few degrees either side.

By Saturday, we have a large area of high pressure to the west of the UK stretching across northern UK, and another large area over Scandinavia. However there is low pressure over continental Europe, and this will stop the weather in south-east England being as nice as it could.

Saturday itself, more likely sees sunny spells and variable amounts of cloud, with temperatures more likely between 16’C and 18’C. A chance of an afternoon shower and likely becoming breezy later in the day. Probably clear skies overnight, down to around 6’C.

For Sunday I have much lower confidence on details – I think low pressure won’t be close enough for much of an influence, but it should bring some cloud at times, and maybe a shower – with some sunny spells still possible. I wouldn’t rule out something sunnier or indeed cloudy and showery, at this stage. Temperatures again in the range of 16’C to 18’C, maybe a tad more. Likely breezy.

Certainty potential for the coming weekend to be a bit sunnier and warmer than this forecast, but also to be cloudier and cooler – as normal, my forecast is the more likely outcome as it stands.

Next week may see that low pressure edge close enough for some cloud and showers on Monday/Tuesday, though highly uncertain.

If anything, a greater signal for high pressure to build across from Tuesday onwards.

I still think the general trend towards the end of May sees high pressure to the north of the UK, low pressure to the south of the UK – so an easterly flow, but hopefully warmer, with some sunshine – and chances of heavy, thundery downpours developing, depending on exact positioning of pressure systems. Though an easterly can still risk cooler, dull days – as we saw on Saturday gone.

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