Tuesday 13th October 2020

Not a very interesting week of weather ahead – a bit of sun, quite a bit of cloud, a few showers and staying cool.

Best week for photographs for a while…and the hardest to choose. Thanks to Matthew – perfectly describes the weather ahead.

Tonight starts mostly cloudy, some bits and pieces of rain. Cloud tending to break increasingly after midnight, though still one or two scattered showers. Down to around 7’C.

Wednesday starts with sunny spells. As the morning goes on, cloud will build with some scattered showers, more likely in the afternoon but possible late morning (though some places missing them). Some sunny breaks still during the afternoon, but more cloud than sun. Breezy, with a north-easterly – around 13’C. Quite cloudy overnight though some clear spells, a spot of light rain possible though mostly dry, 7’C.

For Thursday we have high pressure to our north and an easterly breeze – would be a notably cold set-up in winter.

Quite a bit of cloud, but there will be some sunny breaks – overall more cloud than sunshine. A small chance of a shower, should be fairly light if you catch one. Around 12’C. Some clear spells overnight, down to around 6’C.

Friday will be broadly similar, quite a bit of cloud, some sunny spells, a small chance of a shower. Around 12’C in a light breeze. Probably rather cloudy overnight, perhaps misty also. Down to around 7’C – though colder if there is less cloud than I currently think likely.

By Saturday we start to see low pressure develop quite far to our west and sink south – which will be the driver of likely changes next week.

No real change in the weather, arguably more cloudy than during the week but still some bright spells possible, and a small chance of a light shower. Around 13’C. Probably staying cloudy overnight, down to around 7’C.

For Sunday…read Saturday.

Next week isn’t nailed on, but it looks most likely that we’ll pick up a southerly flow thanks to the aforementioned developing low pressure to our west.

Assuming so then we’ll be looking at milder conditions, say 14’C to 16’C. But also higher chances of spells of rain, and I’d expect it to be windy also. Details yet to be ironed out.

Next update will be Friday evening.

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