Thursday 9th March 2023

The battle between cold and mild will continue for the next week, mild winning out more of the time – and rather unsettled.

Thanks to Debbie for the photograph.

This evening and overnight sees low pressure in charge and plenty of heavy showers – possibly very heavy before midnight, less showers later in the night. Breezy at times, around 9’C for much of the night but becoming colder by dawn.

The general picture for Friday sees an unsettled flow, with low pressure clearing to the east, another one ready to the west, with both colder and milder air trying to win the battle in between.

Friday starts with showery rain and sleet, as the cold air spreads back down – maybe some wet snow mixed in. Gradually becoming sunnier from late morning, though one or two showers around, possibly wintry. Cold, 5’C. Some fairly strong winds in the morning too. Mostly clear skies overnight and a sharp frost, down to around -4’C.

Sunny to start on Saturday, albeit a bit hazy. Cloud thickening from around lunchtime, some patchy light rain arriving by the evening. Cold, 6’C. Patchy light rain for the first half of the night, clear spells later, down to around 3’C.

Sunday looks generally bright with hazy sunshine. Much milder, 13’C, maybe 14’C. Showery rain spreading across in the evening and overnight, some heavy. Strong winds at times too. 12’C.

Low pressure still in charge on Monday, so it will be mostly cloudy with showery rain, perhaps heavy at times. Strong winds likely, gales possible. 12’C. Showery rain fading during the evening as it moves away – the cold air comes back down from the north and we’ll be down to around 2′ by dawn, perhaps a touch of frost.

Sunny spells and maybe a shower on Tuesday. Colder again, 7’C. Frost possible overnight.

The more likely outcome for Wednesday sees rain spread across from the west – perhaps preceded by sleet/snow for a short time.

And assuming so, then the next week or so will likely be unsettled with plenty of rain and wind, mostly mild with short cold spells.

However there is maybe a 20% chance that high pressure will become established instead, and we see generally colder and drier weather instead.

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