Thursday 8th September 2022

Well, I don’t know how to start this post, given the passing of The Queen.

Low pressure is still in charge, but is slowly moving east, slowly decaying and the showers will gradually reduce in volume and frequency. And then it will become very warm – and uncertain.

I considered going without a photograph today, but thanks to Fiona for a photograph that inadvertently sums up the day.

A mostly cloudy night with a few heavy showers around, though less than during the day – some places staying dry. Down to around 14’C.

Friday sees low pressure still around though edging to our east.

A cloudy start, but the sun will come out – and the showers will soon develop once more. Plenty of them, most places catching a few, a very small chance that you may miss all of them – heavy or very heavy, thunder very possible. Temperatures down a notch to around 20’C. Mostly dry overnight though a shower possible, some clear spells but plenty of cloud and temperatures down to around 14’C.

Saturday starts fairly cloudy. Some sunny spells developing – a few showers around but many places staying dry, and any showers shouldn’t be heavy either. By late afternoon there should be pretty decent spells of sunshine. Warm, 22’C. Clear skies overnight, though some mist/fog patches possible by dawn, down to around 12’C.

Sunday sees a southerly flow pick up. Hazy sunshine to start the day, quite a bit of general cloud bubbling up through the middle portion of the day, but staying bright – and then more in the way of sunshine later. Warm, 23’C. High cloud overnight, down to around 14’C.

By Monday we are in a more complex situation, with the remnants of Hurricane Danielle to the west of Portugal, pumping warmer air up – but also another low close to our north.

It’s a very close call but more likely we see hazy sunshine and temperatures very warm, if not quite hot – say 26’C. However rain will not be far to our north, and it is a complex situation so uncertainty is high for Monday.

Tuesday is again uncertain – a greater chance of some showers around, and probably very warm.

I’m not really into doing this right now…but it is also really uncertain for next week. Or maybe I’m struggling to analyse.

I think broadly next week should see high pressure be more likely to establish itself as the week goes on, the risk of showers fading towards the end of next week. Staying warm.

Low confidence for next weekend, but high pressure more likely than low pressure.

That will have to do, I’m afraid.

RIP Queenie.

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