Thursday 6th October 2022

Same kind of theme continues, high pressure close to our south, low pressure close to the north of the UK – a westerly flow with high pressure having more influence than low.

No photograph because I don’t have any.

Tonight sees some clear spells, some cloud, down to around 11’C.

Friday sees sunny spells and some fair weather cloud. One or two showers dotted around but many places missing them and having a pleasant day, until late afternoon anyway. Around 18’C and breezy. By late afternoon (ish) a band of heavy showers will cross, probably no more than an hour of rain. Mostly clear skies follow overnight with temperatures down to around 7’C.

Saturday sees a ridge of high pressure, though with an under-developed low pressure to our west.

Lots of sunshine in the morning, some fair weather cloud in the afternoon but still rather sunny. Temperatures down a bit, 16’C. Fairly clear skies overnight, down to around 6’C.

Sunday sees hazy sunshine all day – weather fronts staying over north-west UK and not really making inroads. 17’C and a little breezy. Cloud thickening overnight and that weather front will push down, though in a very weakened state – some places may get a little rain, others nothing.

Monday probably starts cloudy – there might be a spot of light rain. It will become mostly sunny, from roughly mid-morning, and reach around 16’C. A chilly night likely, down to around 4’C – sheltered spots might even scrape their first frost of the season.

More sunny spells for Tuesday, though more in the way of cloud at times, particularly in the afternoon. Reaching around 15’C. Probably fairly cloudy overnight, though uncertain and minimum temperatures hence very uncertain.

Wednesday looks like seeing a decaying weather front cross – so more in the way of cloud and probably a bit of rain at some point. Details not yet certain in terms of timings for the decaying weather front.

Confidence starts to fall apart by Thursday, though the chance of low pressure crossing the UK and bringing spells of wind and rain will increase. So at some point during Thursday or Friday, it looks like there will be a spell of wind and heavy rain – perhaps more than one spell.

The more likely outcome for next weekend sees low pressure in charge with a cool north-westerly or possibly northerly flow. Likely windy, rain possible – though it will depend on the position of low pressure. Otherwise sunny spells and scattered blustery showers.

Quite autumnal.

No strong signals for the rest of the month, though arguably more likely high pressure to the south/south-west having a bit more influence, so more dry days than wet days overall.

2 thoughts on “Thursday 6th October 2022

  1. Hi – you mention ‘first frost’ being possible. We had a frost on a well insultated flat roof in Caversham on that cold night around mid-September!

    1. That’s a good point – I should have been clearer and said “air frost” – as a ground and air temperatures tend to be different. Ground temperatures did fall to just below zero in September, whereas air temperatures haven’t yet…3’C I think is the lowest in the season so far.

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