Thursday 6th May 2021

Finally I can offer you something warmer. But there is plenty of rain and showers to come also. Mwa ha ha ha.

Sorry. I guess the window of opportunity for things to warm up from around 7th May, that I’ve been talking about for a couple of weeks, is being taken – of sorts. However, low pressure will be close by, so though we lose the chilly northerlies, we are gaining rain and showers. But in between – there will be warm sunshine to be had.

Let’s crack on with some details – though it won’t take long to become uncertain.

Plenty of photographs this week and some really good ones too. Thanks to Peter for this.

Clear skies overnight, temperatures down to 1’C so a frost in some spots.

Friday starts sunny. A fair amount of fair weather cloud will develop, around a 40% chance of a shower too, but compared to late quite a pleasant day. 15’C. Clear spells at first overnight though cloud gradually thickening as the night goes on with rain arriving around 4am – give or take. Down to 3’C but temperatures increasing as the rain arrives.

Saturday sees a deep area of low pressure head our way, though stalling out west – this heralding a notable change in weather patterns.

Persistent and heavy rain all morning with fairly strong winds – however as the low pressure stalls to our west, it will also drag up warmer air from the south. The rain should clear north during the afternoon – a bit of uncertainty on this and possible that it keeps raining, but assuming it does, with some sunshine than 16’C to 18’C should be reached. Variable cloud overnight, a chance of some light rain pushing east, still quite windy, around 11’C.

Sunday is a bit vague in detail, but we’ll be under much warmer air than for some time. Something broadly quite cloudy, probably more so in the morning, possible bits of occasional rain – and there should be some hazy sunshine at times. Certainly could be sunnier than described or with more rain, but broadly as outlined. With enough sunshine, 17’C to 20’C should be reached. In the evening and first part of the night, there is around a 25% chance of importing some heavy downpours, perhaps thundery from France – more likely they’ll stay to our east. Otherwise skies clearing, down to around 10’C.

By Monday we’ll have lost the notable warmth, but it is still regime change. Sunny spells, though with low pressure close to our west, plenty of showers will develop – most places getting a couple and they could be heavy, with a small chance of hail and/or thunder. Quite warm in the sunshine, 16’C or even a tad more. Clear skies overnight, down to around 8’C.

Lower confidence by Tuesday. I think probably sunny spells with some showers possible, though lower chances than Monday. Temperatures somewhere between 15’C and 17’C so quite warm.

Details are really too sketchy from here. Low pressure is likely going to be somewhere over the UK or close by, though we should remain in mild/quite warm air.

More likely Wednesday, Thursday and Friday will be a case of sunshine and heavy showers, with temperatures somewhere between 14’C and 17’C – though a smallish chance of general heavy rain instead at some point, in which case temperatures closer to 12’C. No overnight frosts!

No confidence on any solution for next weekend or the week after – it could very easily stay unsettled, but with some warmish sunshine at times – or it could become more broadly settled and warm. Unsettled is the slight favourite.

Have a good weekend – enough the warmth but keep your umbrella handy!

2 thoughts on “Thursday 6th May 2021

  1. Thank you for posting this weather info. I found your site after a recommendation on that you do a better job than the BBC.
    I notice that you use an apostrophe in your temperatures which works ok but maybe you would prefer a degree character instead. You might know already, but if you have a numeric keyboard on your computer you can use Alt+248 to type the ° symbol.

    1. Hi Tony, thanks for your message and compliment. I didn’t know that – though I think after 11 years of writing this (on Facebook originally…and still) I’m way too used to just pressing ‘. Maybe I might try it – but I’m kind of lazy, if I can press 1 button rather than 4, I will!

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