Thursday 6th January 2022

I guess changeable is the theme, but becoming drier as next week progresses.

Thanks to Richie for the photograph.

This evening sees showery rain clear around 8pm, clear spells and some cloud will follow for the rest of the night, just a small chance of a passing shower. Breezy and quite cold, down to around 2’C.

Friday sees us in a colder north-westerly flow.

Sunny spells in the morning, more in the way of cloud in the afternoon with a small chance of a shower – probably of rain but I wouldn’t rule out a wintry flavour. Cold and breezy, 4’C. Clear spells at first overnight with a frost, down to around 0’C. Temperatures picking up slowly as the night goes on, as cloud increases from the west, with showery rain from around 3/4am.

Saturday sees showery rain, mostly light or moderate in the morning, but some heavy rain likely for a time before it clears – some uncertainty on when it will clear, perhaps as early as 2pm, or towards 5pm – somewhere in between anyway, with the last 2-3 hours seeing some heavy bursts. Quite windy, and milder at 10’C. Breezy with clear spells overnight, down to around 1’C – probably no frost for most, but a close call.

Sunday looks pretty sunny. Some cloud at times, but plenty of sunshine. Colder, 6’C. A small chance of a shower late afternoon or during the evening. Clear spells at first overnight though cloud slowly thickening from the west – perhaps a bit of light rain overnight, 3’C.

Monday looks mostly cloudy and probably dry – a little patchy light rain at most. A bit of uncertainty on temperatures, though something milder at around 10’C more likely. Mostly cloudy overnight, some bits of light rain possible at times.

Tuesday is uncertain at this stage – we will be transitioning to a high-pressure dominated outlook, but there is a chance of a weak weather front stuck underneath. So at the moment, Tuesday could be sunny or cloudy/dry or cloudy/damp.

Wednesday should see high pressure start to dominate.

A bit of uncertainty on positioning at the moment – so details of whether it will be cloudy or sunny, mild or chilly, frost or no frost, fog or no fog – all that is still to be determined.

So for the rest of next week – dry, temperatures probably around average or slightly above. Uncertain on sunshine amounts, and fog/frost potential.

Uncertain by next weekend. The more likely outcome would be a continuation of such conditions, but with low confidence.

There is a chance of a short cold northerly the week after, possible wintry showers but more likely some frost (similar to the last couple of days).

Most likely fairly unsettled for the rest of January, with short dry/cold spells.

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