Thursday 4th November 2021

Boring weather ahead. Becoming milder with little in the way of rain.

Thanks to Sue for the not boring photograph.

Clear skies tonight, though a bit of high cloud towards dawn. A slight frost for many, down to around 0’C.

High pressure will be the main influence of our weather over the next week or so, often centred to our south-west which will introduce a somewhat milder westerly (ish) flow from Friday.

Starting frosty for many, there will be hazy sunshine for much of the morning, some areas of thicker cloud at times in the afternoon, but some hazy sunshine at times also. 9’C. A few clear spells overnight, though generally quite cloudy, and tending to be increasingly so. Down to around 5’C.

Saturday looks mostly cloudy, though there will be some sunshine at times. Milder, 12’C and becoming windy later. A weak weather front will bring a bit of patchy rain in the evening and the first part of the night, the main cloud clears as the night goes on but with high cloud remaining. Down to around 7’C.

Sunday sees quite hazy skies, a lot of high/medium level cloud though there will also be hazy sunshine at times, particularly in the morning. 11’C in a north-westerly breeze. Some clear spells overnight, down to around 3’C…perhaps a bit colder and cold enough for a frost in places.

Monday has a bit of uncertainty over cloud amounts, but the more likely outcome sees a decent amount of sunshine and just some cloud. Around 11’C. Perhaps chilly to start the night but more cloud probable as the night goes on.

Tuesday and Wednesday look a bit milder as an ex-tropical storm brings some mildness, say around 15’C is possible. Uncertain on weather conditions, probably quite cloudy, a bit of rain at some points but just a bit, perhaps a bit of sunshine.

Thursday and Friday should see high pressure in charge. Too early to know whether there will be sunny days with possible overnight frost/fog, or more in the way of cloud. Certainly there is the potential for it to be a cloudy affair to start. Likely on the mild side.

High pressure probably just about hanging on for next weekend though there could easily be a weak weather front at some point bringing some patchy rain – otherwise a mixture of cloud, sunny spells and fairly mild temperatures.

Have a good weekend.

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