Thursday 3rd September 2020

A bit of cloud. A bit of sun. A bit of rain. Not a very interesting few days – but warmer next week.

Thanks to Tony for the photograph.

This evening sees the last dribs of rain sink south, it will be quite cloudy overnight but some clear spells at times. Down to around 13’C and feeling a bit fresher than today.

Friday starts bright – quite cloudy but some sunny spells. Some rain will develop late afternoon and more so in the evening. 19’C. Mostly clear and dry overnight, once evening rain clears, down to around 11’C.

Saturday morning sees sunny spells. Cloud will bubble up and there will be more cloud than sunshine in the afternoon, but remaining bright. One or two scattered showers, shouldn’t be too heavy if you catch one. A north-westerly breeze so not especially warm, 18’C. Variable cloud overnight, down to around 10’C.

Sunday will see sunny spells. Cloud will bubble up with a risk of heavy showers – not everywhere seeing one, but a greater chance than on Saturday, and likely heavy too. A touch warmer, 19’C in light winds. Clear spells overnight, down to around 10’C, a small chance of fog patches by dawn.

Monday sees high pressure building more extensively from the south-west and introducing warmer air too.

Any early fog patches will quickly clear to leave a sunny Monday morning. Quite a lot of cloud bubbling up during the afternoon but remaining pleasant enough. 20’C. Clear for a time overnight but cloud thickening later, 13’C.

Tuesday is uncertain at this stage in terms of cloud amounts – certainly a risk of a rather dull and cloudy day, but at worst there should be some sunshine. A much sunnier day is possible, just too close to call at the moment. Either 18’C or 22’C, depending on sunshine amounts.

Wednesday probably has some low cloud again at some point, but overall looks most likely to see some good sunny spells. Again, just uncertain on cloud amounts right now. Around 23’C, assuming good sunny spells.

Thursday should be another reasonably sunny day – some cloud around again, but more in the way of sunshine. Temperatures dropping a bit to around 20’C, perhaps a shade under.

By Friday it looks like cooler and more unsettled conditions will start to spread down from the north-west. We might squeeze another fine day in – the timing of the unsettled conditions arriving isn’t certain at this stage.

Next weekend therefore looks like it will be cooler, with at least some showers and strong winds. Not 100% in stone, but likely.

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