Thursday 3rd November 2022

Staying unsettled for a few more days, but gradually becoming drier next week – and warmer. Yes…warmer.

Thanks to Sue for this glorious photograph. I got soaked in that downpour on Wednesday.

This evening sees some scattered showers as a small low pushes south-east – more likely an hour or two either side of midnight, but possible before then also. Skies clearing towards dawn and becoming quite chilly, down to around 6’C.

Friday sees a ridge of high pressure.

Long spells of sunshine in the morning, a bit more cloud in the afternoon but pleasant enough. 12’C. Clear skies for a time overnight though cloud thickening towards dawn, chilly, down to around 4’C.

Saturday sees a band of rain crossing, arriving around or shortly after dawn. Not expecting anything heavy, generally light to moderate rain, and not always raining. Breezy and around 12’C. Probably dry in the evening for a while but some heavy showers pushing up from the south-west from late evening onwards – some uncertainty though as to the track and extent – very possible they will be further east of us, say 60/40 chance we see some heavy showers late evening and overnight.

Sunday looks like a day of sunny spells and heavy showers – suggestions of an organised band either in the morning or around lunchtime, though TBC. A small chance of hail/thunder mixed in. Breezy and around 12’C. Variable cloud overnight, perhaps a shower, down to around 8’C.

Monday looks fairly cloudy, though likely some hazy sunshine at times – the odd lightish shower possible. Milder, 14’C and quite windy too. A band of rain crossing overnight, likely some heavy bursts. Strong winds too.

For Tuesday we are in a westerly flow – sunny spells, scattered heavy showers and rather breezy. Mild, around 14’C. Clear spells overnight, down to around 9’C.

Wednesday sees sunny spells, variable amounts of cloud and one or two scattered showers – though less likely by this stage. Around 14’C and breezy. Likely cloudier overnight, the odd spot of light rain possible.

By Thursday we start to see much warmer upper air push up from the south – how many times has this happened this year?!

Probably quite cloudy – a bit of sunshine, the odd bit of light rain possible. Around 17’C. Mild overnight too.

Friday is more likely sunny, and temperatures somewhere between 15’C and 18’C.

Next weekend most likely is dry and most likely is mild or quite warm, somewhere between 14’C and 18’C by day. Uncertain on cloud/sunshine amounts at this stage.

More likely high pressure stays close to the UK for much of the rest of November – though position uncertain. December still looking dry with high pressure perhaps over the UK – possibly a frost-fest, but we’ll see – exact positioning is a long way from being determined.

Have a good weekend.

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