Thursday 3rd March 2022

A tricky weather forecast over the next week. A large area of high pressure forming to our east, trying to push colder air in – milder air with low pressure systems trying to push in from the west. Britain in the middle.

Thanks to Louise for the photograph. Maybe I’ve used it before, but I need something with cloud in.

Tonight will be cloudy with some occasional light rain as a weather front struggles to push east. Around 8’C.

Friday will be mostly cloudy with occasional light rain. Perhaps a little brightness before dusk. Around 7’C with a bit of a breeze. Overnight still mostly cloudy, though the odd clear spell possible in the first half of the night – a few splashes of light rain possible but the main weather front will be slightly to the east. Down to around 4’C.

Saturday sees an easterly flow pick up.

It will be mostly cloudy – perhaps a little sunshine at times, though the main story sees our weather front pushing back west, bringing some showery light or moderate rain at times. Chilly in the breeze, 6’C or so. Further bits of light rain possible at first overnight, though tending to become dry with a few clear spells later in the night. A frost unlikely, but cannot be ruled out – down to around 2’C.

Sunday will see some sunny spells, but still a lot of cloud being brought in from the North Sea – the odd light shower possible. 8’C but feeling chilly in the easterly wind. Clear skies overnight, a frost probable, fog possible. If foggy then a shade over 0’C, but otherwise down to around -1’C.

Monday starts with sunny spells, but likely a cloud of cloud spilling in from the North Sea to leave a mostly cloudy day after the sunny start. Around 7’C, still a chilly easterly breeze. Clear spells overnight, probably a frost but will depend on cloud amounts – down to around 0’C.

Confidence on details starts to ebb on Tuesday, though the more likely outcome sees a sunny day and temperatures around 9’C – though the breeze still making it rather chilly. Instead, there may be much more cloud – but it depends on the exact position of the high pressure. Frost possible overnight – depending on high pressure position.

Low pressure should be nudging closer on Wednesday, but still far enough away for it to remain dry. Probably sunny and around 9’C – though again it depends on the exact high pressure position. Frost possible overnight.

Probably where I have to give up in any detail. The battle between high pressure to our east and potential colder weather, and low pressure to our west will continue.

The more likely outcome is that low pressure will win out for at least a few days. Perhaps by Thursday though more likely Friday – bringing wind and rain, though a smallish chance of some snow at first, so a snow to rain event.

That said, the high to our east could win, less likely, but it could – which would mean something colder, wintry showers possible.

I’ll try to do my spring forecast this weekend, but I make no promises. Busy life at the moment.

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