Thursday 3rd February 2022

There’s some rain in the forecast!

Thanks to Sue for the photograph.

A few clear spells at first tonight, but mostly cloudy. A band of rain arriving by around dawn, or just after.

Friday sees colder air move down from the north-west.

Around or shortly after dawn will see 2-3 hours of rain, perhaps quite heavy. There may even be a little sleet or wet snow mixed in, as colder air digs in behind – though mostly rain. Sunshine and some fair weather cloud following from around late morning/lunchtime, with just a small chance of a passing shower. Feeling cold in the wind, just about reaching 7’C. Clear skies overnight, probably too much of a breeze for a frost, down to around 2’C.

Saturday morning starts sunny with some high cloud. Gradually the sun becomes hazier, generally thicker cloud as the afternoon goes on with one or two splashes of light rain possible. Becoming windy though from the slightly milder west, 9’C. Cloudy overnight with showery light rain at times, perhaps something heavier towards dawn, though some uncertainty on this. Around 10’C.

Sunday looks like it will start with some showery rain, the odd heavy burst – there is a little uncertainty as to this rain developing, but it should do. This rain should clear around mid-morning, followed by sunny spells, and one or two scattered showers – the wind becoming strong too. 9’C though feeling colder in the wind. Clear skies and lighter winds overnight, though probably still too much of a breeze for a frost, down to around 2’C.

Monday sees our high pressure friend to the south reassert itself once more. Bright with sunny spells in the morning, albeit likely hazy. Cloudier in the afternoon. Around 9’C. Mostly cloudy overnight, down to around 7’C.

Tuesday looks like seeing quite a lot of cloud, though there should be some sunny spells at times – more likely in the afternoon. A southerly-ish flow making it milder, around 12’C – maybe 13’C which could be half-pleasant in any sunny spells. Fairly cloudy overnight, down to around 7’C.

Wednesday probably hangs on to the milder weather. Quite a bit of cloud around, but some sunny spells, and around 12’C. A weak weather front probably crossing overnight with a little patchy rain, bringing something colder to follow.

Thursday is probably colder, around 7’C. Not too confident on weather conditions yet, though sunny spells seems more likely. Frost possible overnight.

The most likely outcome for Friday and into next weekend sees fairly cold air over the country, temperatures somewhere between 5’C and 7’C. Sunny spells the more likely weather conditions, with overnight frosts. A small chance of a shower or two on Friday.

For the second half of February, mostly dry, often mild though occasional cold snaps possible. A reasonable chance of something spring-like (ish) by the end of the month.

See ya.

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