Thursday 3rd December 2020

Remaining fairly cold over the next week with the low pressure trough broadly over the UK – actually often dry, some occasional rain, a small chance of a wintry surprise and some frost also.

Thanks to Sharon for the photograph.

Please note that this is a very uncertain forecast due to an uncertain behaviour of the complex low pressure system over the UK, and how weather fronts rotate around it.

Tonight will be mostly cloudy and quite cold. Rain and sleet does look like it will stay to our east – London is probably as far west as it will get, but it isn’t totally beyond the realms of possibility that it spreads this far west. Down to around 1’C – a frost in places if we get some breaks in the cloud.

Friday starts cloudy with a bit of showery rain, perhaps sleet or even wet snow if it is heavy enough precipitation. It should brighten up with sunny spells for the afternoon. Cold and breezy, 5’C. Overnight is uncertain – the weather front will be very close to our west, so it could be raining (or perhaps sleet), though slightly more likely that it will stay west and we’ll have some clear spells and a frost, down to around 0’C.

Saturday sees the centre of the low pressure drift south a bit.

Again uncertainty due to positioning of any weather fronts – probably to our south and west but close enough to make the forecast difficult. Most likely I’d suggest a fairly cloudy day, a few showers but also some bright and sunny spells. Chilly, 6’C. Clear spells likely overnight with a frost, fog possible too. Probably below 0’C.

Sunday has different uncertainties. Likely dry, but if fog formed overnight this could be very slow to clear. Once it does (assuming it does) then some sunny spells, some cloud. Temperatures between 2’C and 6’C, depending on how quick fog clears. Fog fairly likely overnight, freezing fog possible with temperatures 0’C or below.

Monday probably starts foggy. This will clear into low cloud and hopefully some sunny spells as the day goes on. Still on the cold side, around 5’C – lower if fog lingers. Uncertain overnight.

Low pressure looks like it will be closer to us on Tuesday, bringing a risk of some rain, but very uncertain at this stage. Staying cold.

Wednesday and Thursday should be dry. Uncertain on sunshine/cloud amounts at this stage. Staying cold at around 5’C or so, overnight frosts likely, fog very possible.

Most likely outcome for Friday and into the weekend is that somewhat milder air pushes in from the west, with some rain and wind accompanying also.

Apologies for all the uncertainty.

One thought on “Thursday 3rd December 2020

  1. Don’t apologise James. Your forecasts are much more accurate than most others. Always impressed how you find the time to give us so much information.

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