Thursday 30th June 2022

Well I hope you enjoyed the showers – as there is a lot of dry weather to come in the coming weeks. You could call it summer. We might even call it the most summery July since 2013.

Trying not to get too ahead of myself, but it looks promising – even more promising than my summer forecast. And nothing too hot…yet. And still a few scattered showers over the next few days.

No photograph this week as Facebook has decided to make it impossible to retrieve and use the photographs you send me, as part of their “upgrade”. Hopefully a temporary aberration. Oh and I have no wi-fi either. The joys of Virgin Media.

Heavy showers will fade this evening, though a stray shower will remain possible overnight. Down to around 12’C.

Friday morning starts with sunny spells and a few scattered heavy showers – though fairly hit and miss. Showers unlikely in the afternoon – if you do catch a stray shower it shouldn’t be heavy, and sunshine amounts increase somewhat. Reaching around 22’C. Reasonably clear skies overnight though some cloud by dawn, down to around 11’C.

Saturday starts bright with some sunny spells – though some cloud too. It will become mostly cloudy as a weak weather front crosses, bringing a bit of rain around lunchtime/early afternoon (timing a little uncertain), followed by sunny spells and one or two scattered heavy showers. Reaching around 20’C. Reasonably clear skies overnight, down to around 10’C.

Sunday looks a kind of early July mish-mash, some sunny spells but quite a lot of fair weather cloud and a few scattered showers, possibly heavy – around a 50% chance of catching one or two. Around 21’C. Mostly clear skies overnight, down to around 11’C.

By Monday the Azores High will be edging closer. Some sunny spells, quite a lot of fair-weather cloud – likely more cloud than sun overall, especially around the lunchtime hours – a small chance of a lightish shower. Around 22’C. Clear skies overnight, down to around 10’C.

Tuesday likely starts and ends sunny, but in between quite a lot of cloud – a fairly normal scene when the Azores High is pushing in but bringing a lot of cloud on a north-westerly. Somewhere between 21’C and 24’C, depending on sunshine amounts.

Wednesday is uncertain on cloud amounts, but more likely is a fairly cloudy day – similar to Tuesday.

By Thursday, cloud amounts remain uncertain and a fairly cloudy day is very possible – as is a fairly sunny day.

But by Friday and into next weekend, that high pressure keeps edging a tiny bit closer, and by this point most likely we are in sunshine territory. No promise this far out, but substantially more likely. Temperatures between 24’C and 28’C by this point.

For the week after I have unusually high confidence, though no certainty, of mostly dry weather, temperatures likely quite hot to hot – though perhaps “only” very warm, generally good amounts of sunshine.

Heatwave conditions possible by mid-July, but it will depend on high pressure orientation – and should it happen, there will be a chance of thundery breakdowns.

And more likely than not, the dry summery weather continues through the rest of July, particularly likely later in July – a moderate chance of something a bit more changeable after mid-month for a short spell.

Well, it was a pain in the backside to write this forecast but hopefully it is a joy to read. Unless you want rain.

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