Thursday 2nd July 2020 – Shower Update

Some limited sunny spells today but plenty of cloud – and plenty of heavy showers.

Showers pretty much from now onwards, some briefly very heavy, a rumble of thunder possible, and perhaps some hail mixed in.

Showers continuing well into the evening – you should get several heavy showers over the course of the day/evening, highly unlikely you’ll miss them all. Warm in the sunshine, around 21’C.

Full update should be tonight, though the misery of watching Hull City vs Middlesbrough at 5pm might be too much, in which case I’ll do the forecast tomorrow morning…my first day off since lockdown began!

Briefly though, some sunshine tomorrow morning, becoming cloudy and windy, small chance of shower. Generally cloudy, windy and warmish with occasional bits of rain from Friday night through to late Sunday.

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