Thursday 2nd December 2021

Fairly cold and fairly unsettled.

Thanks to James for the photograph.

Clear skies to start tonight, with a frost – down to around -1’C. Cloud will thicken from the west from late evening onwards, with a band of showery rain arriving after say 1am. This may fall as sleet or snow for the first hour or so, so don’t be surprised if there is a temporary covering of snow in places if you are out in the early hours. But it will turn to rain.

Friday starts with patchy rain, it should be fairly light. Dry from around mid-morning but staying mostly cloudy – some bright spells at times. 9’C and feeling milder. An area of rain crossing France may just be far north enough to bring a little rain in the evening – uncertain but we are just about the farthest north it could get, a risk of mist/fog for a time following this – with this reducing towards dawn as further showers push across from the west. Lots going on! Around 7’C.

For Saturday we are back in the fairly cold north-westerly flow, with low pressure close to our north-east.

Some showers to start the day, windy too, but becoming mostly sunny from around mid-morning onwards, with a bit of cloud and only a small chance of a shower. 7’C. Probably clear skies at first, down to around 2’C though with a fairly strong wind making it feel colder. Tending to be more cloud as the night goes on – with some showers possible later in the night, which should be of rain…but I wouldn’t totally rule out some sleet/snow mixed in.

Sunday looks fairly cloudy, fairly cold and windy – with some showers. Possible it will stay dry as showers look more likely further east…that detail a tad uncertain. Around 5’C but feeling colder. Clear spells at first overnight, down to around 0’C with a frost in places – though cloud thickening as the night goes on, from the west.

Monday sees a band of rain spreading across from the west, most likely during the morning period though perhaps dragging a bit into the afternoon. A small chance of a little sleet/snow mixed in to start, but if so it will turn to rain. Brighter skies will follow. Around 7’C. Clear skies at first overnight, a frost possible, clouding over as the night goes on as the next weather front approaches. Down to around 0’C.

Tuesday looks like we will see a deep area of low pressure head our way from a much more energised jetstream than of late – and coming into a cold block to our east.

There is some uncertainty over this, but it does feel like a bit of a pattern-changing weather system. A band of rain will spread across, probably during the morning, some heavy rain possible, along with some strong winds. Briefly mild, 11’C.

Wednesday looks like the low pressure will be stuck over the UK, struggling to move. Showers or rain possible, and likely windy, though details will depend on the position of the low. Around 8’C.

Thursday probably still sees the low over us, though decaying, so some showers possible.

Friday onwards likely sees renewed vigour in the jetstream, which will continue to break down the cold block to our east and allow low pressure systems to move fully across the UK, bringing spells of heavy rain and strong winds.

This does look like it will last a week or so, bands of heavy rain, strong winds – I wouldn’t rule out a spell of gales/severe gales at some point with the likely conditions, though that is speculation.

Not especially mild either, occasionally so, but often on the chilly side, due to the jetstream being a little further south than normal. All precipitation should be rain, but there will be a small chance of transient snow if enough cold air can move south between weather systems.

Winter forecast will be out in the next couple of days. Have a good weekend.

2 thoughts on “Thursday 2nd December 2021

  1. Hi James,

    I’ve been following you for years and have always appreciated both your forecasts and your effort.

    I don’t know whether you’re interested, but I’m also responsible for the Caversham web site. That was one of my first sites, back in the 90s. In recent years it’s been dormant, but I’ve just started up a new incarnation. And on the front page I’ve added a plug for your forecasting.

    I hope it helps with keeping your site well visited.

    Cheers – and have a good Christmas/New Year


    1. Thanks Em! You have a nice site. I should probably do a local links page of my own one day, and I’ll include yours when I get around to making the page!

      Have a good Christmas too.

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