Thursday 29th October 2020

High pressure will take charge next week, we might get our first frost of the season too. But more rain until then.

Thanks to Lucinda for the photograph.

Tonight will be mostly cloudy, the odd clear spell before midnight, the odd spot of light rain after. Windy but mild, 14’C.

Friday will be a mostly cloudy day. A fairly weak weather front will slowly make inroads from the west, bringing a bit of light rain at times, more likely in the afternoon – though it will struggle. Kind of quite warm, 17’C. This weather front will then push north overnight, to leave us dry, cloudy and mild at 14’C – though perhaps a bit of rain in the evening as it does get it’s act together.

Saturday starts bright, perhaps a bit of sunshine in the first couple of hours after dawn. Showery rain then spread across from the west during the morning, with a more distinct band of heavy rain for the afternoon – some strong winds accompanying this heavy rain, gusting around 40mph. Still notably mild, 16’C. Dry in the evening with clear spells, cloud thickening overnight with showery rain in the latter part of the night, down to 8’C in the evening but picking up a bit as the night goes on, as will the wind.

For Sunday we remain in this mild but unsettled flow.

Remaining mostly cloudy with further rain expected. However there is currently uncertainty as to the extent of which – it could just be occasional light to moderate rain, or potentially a long spell of heavy rain. Broadly expect rain, and I’ll update on details nearer the time, all being well. Windy and around 16’C. Similar overnight.

Monday probably starts with outbreaks of rain – but suffers the same uncertainty as Sunday. Likely becoming fresher and sunnier later.

Tuesday then starts to see high pressure build from the west. Cooler conditions again, around 11’C, but some sunny spells. I cannot yet rule out further showers. A cold night expected, down to around 2’C – a touch of frost for more sheltered spots, and a chance of fog.

By Wednesday we will be in a slack northerly flow thanks to our area of high pressure.

Sunny spells, light winds, still a small chance of a shower, and around 10’C so feeling cooler. Clear spells overnight, down to around 3’C, perhaps lower – a touch of frost possible in more sheltered spots and a chance of fog.

Thursday will see sunny spells, a bit of cloud around, a small chance of a light shower and around 11’C. Chilly overnight, though perhaps too breezy to get too cold.

Friday and into next weekend is uncertain. Suggestions that the high pressure moves to our east and we briefly get a milder flow again, but an increased chance of some showery rain at times.

High pressure is most likely to take control once more after that, increasing the chance of fog and frost, with temperatures most likely on the cold side.

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