Thursday 27th October 2022

From warm with a little rain at times this weekend, to mild with quite a bit of rain next week. Well, it is autumn.

As the clocks go back on Sunday, which means the evening models are out an hour earlier, you’ll see the forecasts posted earlier from next week. Which is good for me – as I can get it all done before I cook my dinner! Silver linings of the darker evenings.

A small chance of a shower this evening, otherwise dry overnight with lots of high cloud. Very mild, 15’C.

Friday keeps us in this unusually warm south-westerly flow:

A weak weather front will cross in the morning, bringing some scattered showers for an hour or two – though some places may stay dry. Fairly sunny afterwards, albeit often with high cloud and various bits of fair-weather cloud around. Fairly warm and breezy, 18’C. Cloud gradually thickening overnight with some showery rain later on, mild at 13’C.

Saturday starts rather cloudy, there still may be the odd shower dotted around. The sun will come out once this clears, generally likely to be increasing amounts of sunshine, albeit with some high cloud making it hazy, and it should reach a whopping 20’C, maybe even 21’C with unusually warm air high up in the atmosphere. Summer’s last hurrah. A shower possible in the evening and first part of the night, but generally variable cloud and mild, 14’C.

Sunday remains mild, though down to 16’C. Some sunny spells, some cloud at times – likely some showers around though some uncertainty on the extent these will develop. Reasonably clear skies overnight and down to around 11’C.

Monday looks like spells of hazy sunshine – though generally more cloud probable later in the day, with a small chance of a shower. Still on the warm side, 17’C or so. A weather front looks like it will cross either in the evening or overnight, bringing some heavy, showery rain – perhaps strong winds too.

By Tuesday we lose the warm feel, but keep a mild feel, as the flow swings more westerly (ish) than southerly/south-westerly as it has been:

Probably, Tuesday sees sunny spells, variable amounts of cloud, a small chance of a shower, and possibly windy too. Around 15’C or so. Overnight probably sees another band of showery rain crossing.

Wednesday probably sees sunny spells, some fair weather cloud, a small chance of a shower and will be breezy, perhaps windy. Cooler than of late, 13’C.

Showery rain may cross overnight – or it may arrive on Thursday. Uncertain on timings.

The somewhat more likely outcome for Friday sees a dry day with some sunny spells, around 12’C.

At some point over next weekend, another band of showery rain should cross – but timings uncertain at this stage – dry with sunny spells either side.

The changeable conditions probably continue for a little while, though bands of rain probably getting fewer and weaker. A fair chance of it being settled – and colder, by mid-November.

Have a good weekend – I’ll be back on Monday – and back earlier in the evening!

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