Thursday 27th January 2022

High pressure is going to relinquish control somewhat, and probably temporarily, as it shifts further west and sound.

The forecast remains mostly dry, but it will allow remnants of weather fronts to cross from the north-west, sometimes bringing colder air, but sometimes bringing milder air.

So more of the same but with a bit of change.

Thanks to Chris for the photograph.

Tonight sees clear skies for a while, high cloud tending to develop in the second half of the night. Down to around 0’C, so a frost for many, though some places a little above 0’C so no frost. A small chance of one or two fog patches.

For Friday we see high pressure centred to our south, low pressure close to the north of Scotland. I think this kind of set-up could kind of dominate February, though some variations.

The morning will be mostly sunny, albeit hazy. Some areas of cloud from around lunchtime onwards floating around, more cloud than sun likely overall. Just about scraping 10’C. Mostly cloudy overnight, the odd spot of light rain possible, still around 10’C.

Saturday will be mostly cloudy as a weak weather front works its way south. A little sunshine at times, the odd splash of light rain – that more likely late afternoon. Mild, 12’C. Mostly clear skies overnight, a frost for most, down to around 0’C.

Sunday morning will be mostly sunny. High cloud spreading across from around lunchtime, some more general cloud at times in the afternoon too, but broadly pleasant enough. Colder and breezy, 7’C. A small but developing low pressure system will cross from the north-west overnight, bringing some strong winds and a bit of showery rain – not much rain though. Clear skies for the latter part of the night and down to around 4’C.

Monday will be a chilly day once more, sunny spells, some areas of cloud floating around and a very small chance of a stray shower in the breeze. 7’C. Clear spells and chilly at first overnight, down to around 2’C, but a weak weather front spreading south/south-east later in the night bringing cloud and perhaps some patchy light rain.

Tuesday sees us in a north-westerly flow, though influenced more by the milder air travelling around our high pressure system to the south-west.

Generally cloudy. Bits and pieces of mostly light rain at times, the odd bit of sunshine possible also. Mild and windy, 11’C. Fairly cloudy overnight, still fairly windy too. Down to around 6’C.

Wednesday is a bit of a nothing day, some cloud likely, some sunshine probable – the odd spot of light rain not out of the question. Around 10’C.

Suggestions that the jetstream digs a bit further south on Thursday, with a band of general rain crossing either during the day or overnight on Thursday – timing uncertain as can often be the case a week out, especially when trying to break down a stubborn high pressure block.

Friday and into next weekend, signs of a colder air mass from the north or north-west being the more likely outcome, though still fairly low confidence. This would bring sunny spells, temperatures around 5’C but a cold wind, and a chance of a wintry shower.

The week after more likely fairly changeable though trending back to dry towards mid-month.

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