Thursday 27th August 2020

Last year’s August bank holiday was the hottest August bank holiday on record. This bank holiday weekend certainly won’t, though there will be some sunshine on offer at times.

Thanks to Niru for the photograph. I hope you all enjoyed the soaking – I did.

The main rain has moved away – tonight will see quite a bit of cloud, one or two scattered showers, down to around 12’C.

Friday sees low pressure in control, just to our east.

There will be some limited sunny spells, mostly early, but lots of cloud and lots of heavy showers developing. Some very heavy downpours an/ord thunder very possible, and the showers may merge into longer spells of general heavy rain later. Becoming quite windy later, 18’C but not really feeling so. Showers still possible overnight, though less likely than day, mostly cloudy, down to around 10’C.

Saturday will be rather cloudy. Most of the rain will have shifted to our east and there will be a bit of sunshine at times, however one or two showers will remain possible at any point of day, perhaps even an hour or two of rain. Cool, 16’C. Clear spells developing overnight, down to around 8’C. Yikes.

Sunday sees high pressure start to build over us, pushing in from the west.

Some sunny spells in the morning but plenty of cloud developing from around late morning onwards – still some brightness but rather cloudy overall. A small chance of a shower. Still rather cool, 17’C at a push. Some clear spells overnight, down to around 9’C.

Bank Holiday Monday will be similar, some sunny spells for the morning, but lots of cloud for the afternoon and only bits of brightness. A shower not impossible but it should be dry. Around 18’C. Rather cloudy overnight, around 10’C.

Tuesday looks a slight improvement. Some sunny spells, some cloud around and a slightly greater chance of afternoon showers. Around 19’C.

Details a little sketchy for Wednesday onwards, but the overall pattern sees warmer air trying to push in from the south-west via the Azores High, low pressure to our north, and high pressure trying to build over Scandinavia.

Broadly speaking, Wednesday will be something like fair, with some sunny spells, a chance of a shower or two and close to 20’C.

Thursday tentatively looks very warm, but I’m not going to promise either sunshine or dry conditions yet.

Tentative suggestions of a push of much warmer air from the south for Friday and into next weekend, say around 25’C or so. Highly uncertain at this stage, but the slightly more likely outcome.

Plenty could go wrong, and we are slap bang in the middle of a very active Atlantic hurricane season, which just increases the uncertainty in terms of our weather patterns.

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