Thursday 26th August 2021

High pressure remains in control to our north-west. Not the warmest or sunniest of positions, so there will be cloudy spells along with some sunshine. But it will be mostly dry, bar the odd light shower.

I doubt that I’ll get all the cloud/sunshine amounts correct, so you may find it cloudier or sunnier than I forecast, though Monday’s forecast was similar in uncertainty – but mostly correct.

Thanks to Paul for the photograph.

Tonight sees a mixture of cloudier and clear spells, down to around 12’C.

For Friday we see high pressure situated over NW Britain, with a cooler north-easterly flow for SE England.

It will be quite a cloudy day, but with some sunny spells at times, especially late afternoon and into the evening which should be mostly sunny. The breeze taking the edge off, 20’C or just under. Clear spells overnight, down to around 11’C.

Saturday morning looks quite cloudy, but with some sunny spells. A small chance of a light shower. Slowly the amount of sunshine should increase during the afternoon, with it being mostly sunny by late afternoon and into the evening. 21’C. Reasonably clear skies overnight, down to around 10’C.

Sunday is more of the same though overall there should be more sunshine than cloud. Some cloud at times, perhaps mostly cloudy occasionally, but overall there should be more sunshine than cloud. The light north-easterly breeze again taking the edge off, around 21’C. Probably more cloud overnight, around 12’C.

Bank Holiday Monday probably sees more cloud than sunshine overall, with a focus for the cloud being more likely in the morning, sunny spells more likely in the afternoon. Still a light breeze though the source of the breeze less cool, so maybe scraping 22’C – a small chance of a light shower also. Rather cloudy overnight, 13’C.

There isn’t really much point in a day to day breakdown for Tuesday to Thursday – it’s too far away to have much of an idea on cloud amounts, it could be mostly cloudy, it could be mostly sunny or anything in between. 22’C if sunny, a few less if mostly cloudy.

By Friday things become more uncertain, with the chance of more changeable conditions spreading across from the west starting to increase. We could easily scrape another couple of days of dry, fine weather, we could even end with a short quite hot southerly – small chance, but possible.

Basically next weekend is uncertain at this stage. It often is, so nothing new there. If I’m pushed, then I’d say staying fine, warmish for Friday and Saturday, increased chance of showers on Sunday. But very low confidence.

Generally a more changeable picture looks likely after that, some rain and showers, some sunshine at times, temperatures around normal – but chances of short very warm or notably cool spells too.

Enjoy the bank holiday weekend. I have a whole 5 days off work, thought I’d treat myself to a well-needed break and go nowhere. Well, I shall make it to the pub…oh…actually I’m going to Reading for the day on Sunday…first time for a long time. Anyway, enjoy!

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