Thursday 25th May 2023

Often warm and often sunny. Though not always…

Back to a Thursday night update as I have a day out tomorrow…day out in an office. Yikes.

Thanks to Pauline for the photograph – still not able to access via Facebook messages, so e-mail only if you want to send them. Though if you attach them to the Facebook post, I assume that will work too.

Mostly clear skies overnight, down to around 7’C.

The general picture for Friday, and the coming days sees high pressure firmly in control, currently centred just to the west of Ireland, stretching across the UK. Low pressure much further south over Spain/Portugal and some other areas of Europe.

Sunny spells all day on Friday, likely some cloud bubbles up through the lunchtime period, but still sufficient sunny spells – with long spells of sunshine as the afternoon goes on. Reaching around 19’C, though the easterly breeze will take the edge off, especially later in the afternoon. Clear skies overnight, down to around 7’C.

Saturday may have a few patches of cloud at first, but this will clear to leave long spells of sunshine. Warm, 21’C with a light easterly breeze. Finally I will have a beer in my garden! Clear spells at first overnight, though some high/mid level cloud spilling down from the north later. Down to around 9’C.

Sunday isn’t so good – some spells of hazy sunshine at first but quite a lot of cloud bubbling up to leave the afternoon fairly cloud. Still some sunny spells, but not too much – I wouldn’t rule out a light shower. Around 18’C, with a notable easterly breeze. Reasonably clear skies overnight, down to around 8’C.

Bank Holiday Monday will see some cloud at times, more so in the morning with increasing amounts of sunshine as the afternoon goes on – and still some sunshine, albeit maybe hazy, in the morning. The easterly breeze more of a wind by now, and knocking temperatures back – say 16’C to 18’C. Fairly clear skies overnight, down to around 8’C.

Tuesday probably sees more sunshine, but there will be a risk of cloud moving in from the North Sea – uncertain at this stage. Temperatures in the range of 16’C to 20’C. Still breezy, verging on windy.

High pressure is still in a pretty similar area for Wednesday.

Again uncertainty in terms of cloud amounts, but overall more likely on the sunnier side of the spectrum. Likely warmer too, the easterly breeze still there but a warmer source is likely. Reaching between 19’C and 22’C, depending on sunshine amounts.

Thursday again has uncertainty on cloud amounts, but more likely on the sunnier side of the spectrum – perhaps long spells of sunshine the more likely outcome. Temperatures again more likely on the warm side, between 20’C and 23’C. Not bad for the first official day of summer!

Friday, same story – a risk of cloud but more likely on the sunnier side of the spectrum, and more likely to be warm, say between 20’C and 24’C.

Should any of these days actually be mostly cloudy, then temperatures would be much lower – but I’m hopeful for sunshine to outweigh cloud.

Most likely next weekend is very similar – a risk of cloud depending on exact positioning of the high pressure, but more likely at least fairly sunny, and more likely at least fairly warm, perhaps very warm.

Though by this point a chance of importing a heavy, thundery shower, if low pressure to our south edges far enough north. Only a chance, but worth bearing in mind.

Likely high pressure dominates during much of June, at least for central/northern Britain – at times low pressure will edge close enough for some heavy/thundery showers for those of us in the south, though next weekend is the very earliest that is feasible – it may not be until the weekend after.

Also some hints of a cooler north-easterly flow being possible after next weekend, but that is a very long way off, and just a hint.

Enjoy the bank holiday weekend. Do we really have to wait until August for the next one?

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