Thursday 25th March 2021

I feel like the weather has been pretty boring for the last month or so, but it is about to become more interesting – a short unsettled spell, followed by a short warmish spell, followed by…just in time for Easter…yes…you’ve guessed it though you can wait until the end of this to find out.

This is also the last forecast before the clocks go forward – which is mostly a note of joy in my opinion, but it does mean that models come out an hour later, so hence forecasts will. I might even try doing them in the morning instead…I’ll see how I get on.

Thanks to Paul for the photograph.

Any scattered showers this evening will fade, some clear spells at first, but mostly cloudy with showers spreading up from the south-west a little after midnight. Around 8’C.

Friday morning will be mostly cloudy with a few showers. Either late morning or around lunchtime, a short band of heavy rain will cross for an hour or two, followed by sunshine and scattered showers, which could be heavy. 11’C in the morning, but down to 8’C once the rain clears – windy in the morning too. Quite cold overnight with variable cloud and a small chance of a shower, down to around 2’C.

Saturday starts sunny. Cloud will bubble up and will be mostly cloudy from lunchtime onwards, with the odd bright spell. It should remain dry, a spot of light rain at most. 10’C. Becoming windy overnight with variable cloud amounts – it should remain dry. 8’C.

Sunday will be a windy day. Some hazy sunshine in the morning, more cloud in the afternoon – again it should remain dry with weather fronts staying to our north, but the odd spot of light rain is possible. Milder, 13’C. Mostly cloudy overnight, around 10’C and still windy.

Monday sees warmer air nudging up from the south. Uncertainty on cloud amounts, but I’m hopeful for at least some sunshine. Around 15’C to 17’C, depending on how much cloud still around. Clear spells overnight, down to around 7’C.

Tuesday should be the first proper spring-like day. I say should, as it is a pretty close call, but at around a 65% chance it should be sunny and warm. Around 18’C – maybe even 20’C.

The uncertainty comes because colder air will be trying to spread down from the north on Tuesday, so there is a clash of air masses – and it seems likely that the colder air will win out, but it shouldn’t happen until Wednesday – we should get that one nice, warm sunny day!

My working assumption is that a band of rain will spread south during either Tuesday night or Wednesday – bringing colder air.

Thursday looks fair – some sunshine, some cloud. Around 10’C, perhaps less and feeling rather cold.

The pattern for Easter weekend isn’t yet set, but now is most likely to be cold. Around 70% chance cold, 15% chance warm, 15% chance average.

Assuming the cold pattern, then Good Friday looks cold in a northerly wind, some sunshine, some cloud, the odd shower – might even be wintry. Around 9’C. Cold overnight, a frost possible.

Saturday looks fairly cloudy with a northerly or north-easterly wind, showers, possibly wintry, around 8’C.

Easter Sunday would be cold with showers, which could easily be wintry. Yes – it could snow.

I’ll leave it there.

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