Thursday 24th February 2022

What a dark day today has been for Europe, and perilously so for Ukraine. I guess I should do a weather forecast as normal, though do forgive my lack of joy.

The general pattern sees high pressure resume its dominance of our weather.

Thanks to Tracy for the photograph.

Tonight will see mostly clear skies. Still too much of a breeze for a widespread frost, but there will be a frost in places. Down to around 2’C.

Friday sees high pressure ridge up from the south-west.

A reasonably sunny day, some fair weather cloud during the middle part, and just about squeezing 10’C – though the north-westerly breeze will still make it feel chilly. Mostly clear overnight, though some high cloud later. Down to around 0’C so a frost for most.

Saturday starts bright with hazy sunshine. The afternoon seeing long spells of sunshine – definitely pleasant for the time of year. The breeze more of a southerly, but still only 10’C tops. Clear skies overnight, probably too much of a breeze for a frost, but a close call, down to around 2’C.

Sunday sees long spells of sunshine all day. 10’C, maybe 11’C – feeling pleasant and almost spring-like. Still a notable breeze though. Clear spells at times overnight, though mostly cloudy by dawn. Around 6’C.

Monday sees a band of rain crossing from the west – and doing so rather slowly. A bit of uncertainty on timings at this stage, more likely during the day, though perhaps not arriving until evening – will be a couple of days before timing is ascertained. It should be mostly light to moderate rainfall. 11’C, maybe 12’C and quite windy.

Tuesday is uncertain. The slightly more likely outcome is that the weather front has cleared, and high pressure builds once more with good spells of sunshine. The smaller chance is that the overnight weather front moves back north, and brings rain once more.

Wednesday depends on Tuesday, which is uncertain. So if Tuesday was sunny then Wednesday would more likely be sunny. If Tuesday saw rain moving back north, then Wednesday would probably be cloudy with some rain still possible. Probably mild.

Details also uncertain for Thursday – generally high pressure is in control but a weak weather front probably will cross on Thursday or Friday bringing a bit of rain at some point. Temperatures around 12’C – so on the mild side.

Next weekend is unsurprisingly uncertain, but dry is more likely than wet, sunny is more likely than cloudy – though temperatures could be mild, or perhaps colder from the east.

Generally March should be drier, sunnier and milder than normal – hopefully quite spring-like warmish at times in the second half, but that will depend on exact positioning of high pressure. And there could still be short cold and/or unsettled spells also.

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