Thursday 23rd April 2020

Mostly fine and fairly warm for a few more days but something cooler and showery from next week.

Thanks to Eloise for the photograph…had a few good ones to choose from this week.

Tonight will be fairly clear, a bit of cloud around, mostly high cloud. 6’C.

Friday still sees high pressure vaguely in control, but fading as a presence and a little low pressure system to the west of Iceland starts to meander towards us.

Long spells of sunshine all day, with a bit of fair weather cloud bubbling up later in the afternoon. Warm, 22’C should just about be reached. Some cloud, some clear spells overnight, down to around 9’C.

Saturday sees a bit more cloud around, though still bright with it – and more sunny spells than cloudy spells overall. Temperatures a shade down, 19’C. Mostly clear overnight, down to around 6’C.

Sunday sees a mixture of sunny spells and cloudy spells. Perhaps more cloudy early-mid afternoon than at other times, but still bright when cloudier. Fairly warm, we might squeeze 20’C again. Just a very small chance of an isolated shower in the afternoon. The mixture of clear spells and cloudy spells continues overnight, 8’C or so.

By Monday we see low pressure developing to our north-east.

Still sunny spells, though again more cloud around and likely more generally hazy during the afternoon. A few scattered showers around and perhaps some general rain in the evening or early part of the night though that is uncertain. Reaching 17’C, perhaps a tad more.

Tuesday is a bit uncertain. Most likely somewhat cooler, say 13’C to 15’C and a fair chance of showers.

Day to day details are sketchy from here but the pattern is fairly likely, and that is one to a change back to unsettled conditions with low pressure systems moving west to east. Well, we’ve had a good run!

So Wednesday onwards, bands of rain interspersed with heavy showers. Windy at times too and temperatures back down to normal for the time of year, somewhere between 12’C and 15’C.

Not every day unsettled, the odd fine day, and it doesn’t look like it will be a long-standing pattern, a week or two of unsettled weather followed by high pressure building. Too early to be certain, but I’d suggest after a week of unsettled conditions, we’d get into a pattern of 1-2 fine days, 2-3 unsettled days, before we go full-time settled, warm and sunny once more for most of the rest of May and much of June.

Hope you are staying sane.

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