Thursday 22nd September 2022

Cooler and changeable – some sun, some cloud, some showers/rain. Actually much cooler next week.

Thanks to Jade for the photograph.

Tonight sees cloud continue to thicken with some bits of showery rain overnight, from roughly 11pm onwards. Mostly not heavy, some places perhaps seeing very little, though also the potential for a few heavy bursts towards dawn. Mild, 14’C.

Friday’s set-up sees high pressure to our west with a weak north-westerly flow – kind of typical for a La Niña autumn.

It starts cloudy, perhaps still some showery rain left – the overnight weather front only moving very slowly south-east. Some sunny spells for the afternoon, but also some showers developing too. Around 18’C. Fairly cloudy overnight, down to around 10’C.

Saturday sees spells of hazy sunshine, with quite a bit of cloud otherwise bubbling up, and a few scattered showers – some places staying dry. 17’C. Skies clearing overnight, down to around 8’C.

Sunday looks pleasant enough. Sunshine to start, some fair-weather cloud bubbling up and gradually during the afternoon it becomes hazier, as cloud thickens from the north-west. Cloud thickening overnight with some showery rain spreading down, from roughly midnight onwards. Around 11’C.

Monday sees a fairly potent northerly sweep down.

Cloudy to start with some patchy rain. This clears to sunny spells, fair-weather cloud and a scattering of showers – some places missing them but it does look like there will be plenty of them developing, on the heavy side too. 16’C but feeling much cooler in a fresh northerly wind. Uncertain on cloud amounts overnight, minimum temperatures somewhere between 5’C and 9’C – depending on cloud.

Again some uncertainty on cloud amounts for Tuesday, showers less likely though also uncertain – more likely maybe the odd lightish shower and temperatures somewhere between 12’C and 14’C in a cool northerly wind. A small chance of an area of rain overnight, otherwise a chilly night with temperatures down to somewhere between 5’C and 10’C, depending on uncertain cloud amounts.

Low confidence on details for Wednesday and Thursday, but broadly remaining on the cool side, some cloud, some sunny spells, some scattered showers – roughly around 14’C with fairly chilly nights.

Low confidence, again, for Friday and into next weekend though the somewhat more likely outcome sees a more westerly flow with some wind and rain at times, though temperatures picking back up, and perhaps warmish.

I’ll be away next week in sunny Skopje but you should still get a forecast…maybe Monday…maybe Sunday…maybe Tuesday…I’ll see what I feel like! I’m guessing nobody has any recommendations for Skopje…but if you do, let me know.

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